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Life Hacks for the Working Mom

If you’re a mom who works full-time, you have less than 0 minutes to yourself, and that can be really frustrating. There are a few life hacks I use to increase the time I have in the day that might help you out. Then you can choose to spend those extra few minutes however you’d like! Whether it be soaking in a warm bath with a face mask, playing a board game with your little one(s), or sipping a glass of wine with your hubs on the lanai!

Life Hacks for Working Moms

Delivery is your Friend

Everyone knows about AmazonPrime, RIGHT?! If you don’t, where have you been the past few years?! I get anything possible delivered through Prime. Free 2-day shipping is my jam!

But what some of you may not know is that there are apps that will deliver your groceries! Shipt is the one we use, and we LOVE it! They have a handy app that makes it easy to add things to your cart. There is even a “special requests” section in case something you want isn’t listed directly on their website! We signed up for a year, and as long as our shopping list is more than $35 each time, delivery is free!

We also subscribe to a meal kit delivery service. Right now we’re using Sun Basket, but we have tried Blue Apron in the past as well. These meal kits not only shake up the usual recipes you serve in your house to give you some variety but also ensure you’re not buying an entire bottle of fish oil when you only need 1 teaspoon of it! In our house, we generally stick to the same proteins and just vary how we make them a bit. So chicken breast, filet mignon, and pork chops are a staple for us. We have tried some different ways to prepare those same staples, as well as new different meats and sides than we would eat!

Life Hacks for Working Moms
Clone Yourself

Ok, not really, though don’t you wish you could! I know they’re not always practical, but “Bella the Whale” as we have so affectionately named our Neato Botvac (read: robot vacuum) is a lifesaver. I have her on a schedule, so she vacuums 3 times a week at 9am. Before I leave for work I make sure that any cords and small pieces (yes, you, iPhone charging cable, and you, Barbie high heel) are up off the floor, and any rooms I don’t want her to vacuum are closed off. Then when I get home, my house is dust bunny free, all while I worked, and didn’t have to touch a vacuum! (Sorry Dyson, I miss you, but not as much as I love not having to vacuum!)

Life Hacks for Working Moms

Plan Ahead

I am NOT a planner, BUT I do “plan” some things … like what my daughter will get for lunch the next day, or what she will wear to school tomorrow. Anything you can do the night before, to make the morning less stressful is a WIN, right? So, before my daughter goes to bed, we pick out what she will wear the next day, including undies, socks, EVERYTHING and lay it on the bed in the spare bedroom. Also, as we are finishing dinner, we pack up her lunch for the next day. Sometimes that is leftovers, sometimes it’s peanut butter and jelly, sometimes it’s a turkey sandwich. We also pack snacks at the same time. All go back in the fridge and are ready for you to put in the lunchbox the next day!


My daughter’s closet is organized into outfits. So no more stress for mommy when she picks out a multi-colored stripe skirt and a blue polka dot long sleeve shirt to wear to school. Each hanger holds a top and a bottom, so all she has to do is pick one and move along.  

She also knows that when she gets home from school, she brings her backpack straight to the kitchen, takes out her lunchbox and leaves it near the sink for me. We also have her take out her folder from school so that I can read and sign it, and then return it to her backpack to the hook in her closet for the next day. It’s fewer steps I have to do when we get home and shows her process and responsibility.

Tidy up before bed

We try to tell our daughter to play with only one thing at a time. This means you have to put one thing away before another thing can come out. But best-laid plans … and by the end of some nights, my house looks like a cyclone hit it! So, before we go to bed, we try to make sure that everything is put away. We help her with this task so we don’t just sit there like drill sergeants. This, again, makes for an easier morning for everyone. 

Divide and Conquer

My husband and I have always had a decent separation of duties. He cooks, I wash the dishes. He mows the lawn, I clean the house. He takes care of the cars, I take care of the laundry. You get the point. When it comes to our child, it’s no different. While she tends to come to me for things first, when it comes to the bedtime routine, we split things evenly and alternate nights. It gives me a few extra minutes to myself on the nights he is taking over.  

What life hacks/tips/timesavers do you use to make your life as a working mom easier? Share with me! I would love to incorporate other tips into my life!

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