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The Top Items EVERY Family Should Have in Their Hurricane Emergency Kit

It’s the time of year when we turn eyes to the Atlantic, watching tropical depressions form and disintegrate on their westward journey to our coast. But, as us, Southeasterners know, these tropical depressions can quickly turn into terrifyingly strong storms. What may have started as an insignificant wind and rain storm can suddenly put everyone in a state of emergency.

Hurricanes are fickle things. Meteorologists can make lots of predictions. But paths and strength can change fairly quickly, and no one really knows what kind of toll the storm’s winds and rain can take.

What is predictable, however, is how we prepare. While it’s always a good idea to have a stash of emergency supplies set up in your home (in case of, you know, emergencies), now is a great time to make sure you have everything you need for you and your family in the event a hurricane comes our way. Having ample supplies and a plan in advance can take the anxiety out of a stressful situation and make it easier to focus on staying safe through the storm. Here are the top items every family should have in their Hurricane Emergency Kit.

Hurricane Emergency Kit

For more details on storm preparation and safety, please visit our Hurricane Preparedness & Resource Guide.

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