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Do You Enjoy Packing Lunches? Because I Don’t

I am a full-time working mother of two and I hate packing lunches. I avoid it until I cannot avoid it anymore or until my husband so kindly does it for me. We have a three-year-old daughter who has recently developed an opinion about everything that goes into her Princess Sophia lunch box. We also have a one-year-old boy who loves to eat and who weighs the same amount as our three-year-old. Despite my daughter’s pickiness and her Gordon Ramsey looks, my son’s lunch is my least favorite to make. Everything has to be cut into small pieces and there has to be a ton of it! My husband and I have now mastered the packing of lunches (I still hate it) so here are some simple lunch ideas and tips that might make that time of day a little easier.

Invest in Some “Snack” Size Zip Bags

When you are packing lunch for a small human you will have a ton of small piles of food. This is where small zip-lock bags definitely come in handy. Did I mention that you will have less dishes to wash?

Pre-Cut Fruit is Your Friend

It’s healthy and easy; what more could you ask for? I don’t know about you but cutting up an entire melon is not something I am excited to do in the middle of the week. When I still have one million and eight other things I have to do I think I will pass on this task. 


Steamer Bags Might Have Saved Our Lives More Than Once

You’ve never heard of steamer bags? Well, they are magical zippy bags in the same section of the grocery store as the regular zip-lock baggies. You can cut up some zucchini, broccoli, or pretty much anything your child desires and throw it in one of the steamers bags. Pop it in the microwave for the exact amount that the bag tells you (YES! The bag even tells you the cook time) and then “voila” you now have steamed veggies in record time without adding to the pile of dirty dishes. Did I mention that I strongly dislike the ever-growing pile of dirty dishes?

Plan Ahead

Prepare lunches the night before hand if you have to get moving early in the morning. As a mother, you know that you can’t have a fixed schedule because unplanned things occur all the time. Almost every morning in my house there is something that happens that wasn’t planned and requires my attention. When you don’t have to worry about making lunches in the morning it makes the start to your day a little easier.

Stock Up On The Ready To Go Food Items

There are more healthy/pre-made options that your little one can eat than you probably think. I personally hit up the baby yogurts, applesauce cups, and dried fruit every time I am at the store. If you aren’t too good at planning ahead and completely skipped over my last tip then this tip is definitely for you, girl!

Leftovers Make Easy Lunches

Be sure to set aside things your little one will enjoy for lunch the next day when prepping dinner. We make tacos at our house a lot so setting aside things like diced tomatoes or taking an extra minute to cube some cheese makes packing lunches easier later on.

I love learning new tips and tricks to help make an unavoidable task a little easier. I hope you won’t find yourself hiding in the bathroom or busying yourself with laundry when it comes to packing your child’s lunch. Remember these tips, get in the kitchen, and get it done, momma! You can do it!

Sharing is caring so if you have any tips to help the process of packing lunches for kids, please share them here!

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One Response to Do You Enjoy Packing Lunches? Because I Don’t

  1. Dena August 15, 2017 at 5:46 am #

    Kids also love dippables. Carrots, celery, apple slices crackers and dipped in peanut butter, ranch, or yogurt. Nice and easy if you buy baby carrots or precut a bunch of celery. Picky eaters will even love room temp chicken nuggets dipped in ketchup (chicken nuggets can come right out of the freezer and will be defrosted by the time they eat lunch!)