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Kick it Old School with Your Kiddos

If you are reading this and have small(ish) kiddos now you were probably born between the 1970’s and 1990’s. So that means like me, you grew up with all things that are now cool again. I love how trends from the decades repeat themselves. Like when I was a teenager, bell bottoms were the BOMB! Honestly some things I see making a comeback make the grown-up me really excited like scrunchies and leggings and crimped hair!!! While other things like eyeliner on guys and grunge…not so much. 

old school

It’s crazy how technology is advancing so rapidly. Retro for my grandkids could be virtual reality or 3D. WOW. While my kiddos are super tech-savvy and advanced, I think it is important to balance their modern day pass times with things that I think kick butt! So I created this guide for you to also remember how dope back in the day really was and so you can Kick it Old School with your kiddos. 

Watch the Classics

Forget Paw Patrol or whatever, spend your TV time watching the classic old tv shows and movies like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, Rescue Rangers, Willow, He-Man/Shera, Scooby-doo … and the list goes on.

Break Out the Arts & Crafts

Do some art with your kiddos that will bring you back. Buy them some Lisa Frank or Hello Kitty coloring books, get some gel pens and color with them! Or get a spin art kit (it is a thing again!).

Play the Classics

Who needs an X-Box? Play some old school games like Mario Brothers or Oregon trail (it is free online). Or you could get a Rubik’s cube or play Simon!! Ahh, the good old days. Better yet turn off the TV and go outside to play hide and seek, hopscotch or red rover!!! Extra points for drinking out of the hose when you get thirsty. 

old school

Switch it Up

Let them play outside for a whole week with no structured activities and no direction/helicoptering from you. It is harder than you would think but so rewarding to see the imagination and creativity that are born from it. 

old school

Bring Back the Hair Styles

Make them some 90’s inspired hairdos like rainbow hair, side pony with a scrunchie, mermaid hair with a crimper, seriously hours of fun! 

Bust Out the Dance Moves

Turn up the tunes and have a dance party to old school music. I’m talking Vanilla Ice, the Macarena, the Running Man, and Stop Hammer Time! I bet you surprise yourself that you still got it! Now Vogue. 

Kick It Old School

Go to the roller skating rink on a Friday night. Get some cherry Icees and cheap popcorn and live it up!

Go Tech-free

Live like it is back in the day and go tech-free for a weekend (no phones or laptops!) and see what happens.

Use Snail Mail

Get a pen pal for your kiddos and have them write letters and draw pictures to each other. It is so fun to get snail mail!   

Read (Actual) Books

Read some old school books from your childhood. Whatever you were into like Babysitters Club, Encyclopedia Brown, Goosebumps. Some Judy Blume or Roald Dahl. Bonus points if you read them aloud with your kiddos too. 

Well, there you go. A complete list of 10 ways that you can connect with your kiddos! Have the time of your lives and make some pretty epic memories with an old school vibe. Tell me, can you dig it?

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