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Meaningful Memories: Making The End Of Summer Count

To be honest, this summer did not go exactly as planned. We had a beach vacation with friends, day trips organized, our annual family 4th of July get together and even some weekends away in the books. This all changed because of a family emergency and the unknown factors involved. We were incredibly happy to help out when needed and I would do it again in a heartbeat. What really held us back this summer it was our move. I would like to think the kids see this as memorable. Even though we only moved a few miles south it still seems that our whole summer has been consumed by the day to day that comes with a move. 


We are down to the last two weeks of summer before school starts and I am left with the feeling of not doing enough with the kids. Sure they went to camps and had play dates but what have I done with them? Mom guilt has set in and I’m up late asking myself “did we even make memories this summer” and “will they say I did anything fun for them?!”

So I’ve decided to turn that feeling into something. Something that would make meaningful memories with limited time. We are going to use every chance over the next two weeks to explore our city and make memories along the way. We live in a beautiful place that is just screaming with opportunities to have fun. 

Our first day of fun was spent downtown (after our morning workout class of course) where we went to one of our favorite spots, The Hyppo. Seriously, THE. BEST. POPSICLES. EVER. We got a strawberry lemonade, orange watermelon and (my favorite) the mint watermelon. All three were amazing! We followed up by walking a few streets then heading to a friends house on the island. The kids had a blast and we left to drive over to the lighthouse where we had to just take a peek because it was looking like rain. We headed home and I enjoyed a full car ride of silence from the back seat while they took much-needed naps! 


Eating popsicles at The Hyppo

Our first day was a huge success and I can’t wait to keep making these last two weeks count. Here’s the plan of attack for the next two weeks:

  • Picnic lunch by the fort (and most likely a stop at Dos on the way for some always needed coffee!!)
  • Beach day at Vilano
  • Kindness rocks (If you don’t know about this you HAVE to check it out)
  • Backyard water day. Whats better than playing in the sprinklers with water balloons?!
  • Take our dinner to the beach night
  • As many play dates and outings with friends as possible! 

BE SPONTANEOUS. This might sound obvious but for me sometimes it is hard. Rolling with a 5-year-old’s idea just might be the “best day ever.” 

It also helps that we are having my daughter’s birthday party the weekend before school starts. Our family will start to come into town. And being busy will be at an all time high for 4 whole days. Then it will be back to school prep for the next two days before the big Thursday start date. That feels so surreal to say. This summer has flown by! 

Some of these ideas seem so simple (maybe even touristy!) now that I’m putting them down in front of me. But they are really some of our favorite things to do mixed with some new things. I can’t wait to make some memories before school starts again and hopefully my kids will appreciate this time spent together. 

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