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Working Mom

The Sort of Joy of the Work-At-Home Mom

As moms, we automatically categorize ourselves so others can understand what our lives are like. Some of us are SAHM (Stay-at-home-moms) because it has a nicer ring to it than homemaker (really?) or housewife (barf!). Others are Working Moms, the women who run around like chickens with their heads cut off; showing at carpool in […]

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Mom Wars Featured Image

Mom Wars

We’ve all been there. You meet someone new and then comes the infamous question “So, what do you do?” Great, here it comes. I’ll either be seen as unloving or unmotivated. Regardless of your reply, whether you work in or out of your home, it seems like there’s no answer that is applauded by everyone. Some days you might even struggle with how you […]

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