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Getting Behind the Wheel With Dillman Driving School

Thank you, Robert, for sharing your driving expertise with Emma and for sponsoring this post. Keep reading for a special discount code on any program and information about The Driven Scholarship.

Being the parent of a teenager brings many joys and many challenges. For our family, one of the biggest challenges is teaching my daughter, Emma, to drive! Although she is a typically thoughtful and rule-following child, it has still been a struggle for us to be comfortable with (a) the fact that she is old enough to drive and (b) riding in the car while she is learning! We were also completely caught off guard by the fact that Drivers Ed is not offered in the schools here.

driving school

Much of our anxiety around the entire driving experience was alleviated when we found Robert and the Dillman Driving School

Robert has an easy going manner that made me instantly comfortable letting Emma get in the car with him. Before they ever started, he made sure my questions were answered and explained what the process would be like. And, he assured me that he has many years of driving and teaching experience. 

driving school

Passing the license test is not the only goal of Robert’s lessons for Emma. He also wants her to be a capable defensive driver – so we all feel better about her being on the road. The lessons are somewhat student directed which means there is no specific agenda. He knows the skills students need to practice but also uses their familiarity, confusion, and confidence to determine what to focus on for that day.

Honestly, the whole experience was stellar. From the first moment when Emma realized she got to learn to drive in a beautiful 2017 Ford Mustang, to when she came home laughing and excited, the experience was great.

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Later, Emma told me that Robert was calm and encouraging. He not only gave instructions on the mechanics of driving the car, but also the experience of being a driver. She was particularly impressed that he required her to carry on a conversation with him; explaining that she’ll be distracted when she’s driving and needs to practice that as much as 3 point turns. Robert and Emma managed to fit in her first highway driving experience and cover a large portion of St. Augustine in the 1 1/2 hour lesson.

Booking online is super simple. Robert offers a range of packages starting with 3 hours up to 50 hours (FL law requires teen drivers to have at least 50 hours behind the wheel before testing for their license). Scheduling is easy too! We had to reschedule because Emma misplaced her permit, and Robert was incredibly kind and understanding.

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Emma is already looking forward to more driving lessons with Robert. And the rest of the family has been able to ease up a little bit and let her drive us around thanks to feeling reassured by the experience. If you have a teenager learning to drive, I highly recommend calling Dillman Driving School (904-599-5884) to schedule a few lessons. I cannot recommend Robert and his expertise enough when choosing a driving school for your own teen driver. There is no downside to reaching out, and I’m confident you’ll end up with a better driver when it’s all said and done!

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The Driven Scholarship

The Driven Scholarship is for students who turn their backs on the critics and continue to pursue their passions. We want to hear your story. Whatever drives you, the Dillman Driving School wants to help you get there. The Driven Scholarship is intended to assist and encourage perseverant high school seniors in St. Johns County, Florida to pursue a degree at a United States post-secondary institution. The Driven Scholarship awards $500 scholarships to two qualified high school seniors annually. Funds are distributed to the recipients’ colleges or universities in August of the enrollment year. The funds are allocated toward the payment of tuition and academic fees, and/or the purchase of required educational materials and books. Contact Robert for more information!

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