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A Week in the Life of a Homeschooling Family

So it is back to school time and you know what that means for us homeschoolers, time to come out to play and learn! When school is back in session, companies offer homeschoolers discounts and educational events in order to drive business during slow periods. Homeschoolers love to take advantage of these opportunities to explore our amazing town and local businesses at affordable prices. Most importantly, we love that everything is less crowded! This allows us to ask more questions and the chance to learn hands on. But what does a week of homeschooling really look like?

A week of homeschooling looks different for everyone because each child is unique and has different needs. Many homeschoolers use a mix of styles, resources, and activities to complete their education goals. My son is now 6 years old and would typically be starting first grade this year. This is what a typical week of homeschool may look like for us.


Brendon and I love to sleep in on Mondays. We take the time to recover from the previous week and very rarely have activities planned for Monday mornings. When we do wake up, we may snuggle in bed together and slowly wake up together while reading small books to each other. After breakfast, we may play a favorite board game or build something with Legos. In the afternoon, we head to our friend’s house for creative art activities or science experiments and some social time.


Creating art with paint filled balloons


On Tuesday mornings, we often have a play date to attend like a St. Augustine Moms Blog Park Hop, a group tour of a local police station, or a zoo meet-up. Then we will go home and practice writing by making up our own stories. In the evening, we may have soccer or t-ball practice or Brendon may go spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa, where he will complete math problems to find clues to hidden toys and prizes.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens


We may have free play on Wednesdays, which normally consists of running back and forth across my living room pretending he is a soldier or a Star Wars character. Depending on the time of the year, Brendon and I may join our homeschool group for a park day or a beach day in the afternoons. At the end of the day, Brendan’s dad may join us as we read some books together before bed.


We meet up with a group of friends Brendon’s age on Thursday mornings. There is a new theme each week which may include creating a catapult, learning about bugs, or making slime. We may meet with our 4-H club in the afternoon to learn how to make a bat house, clean up the beach, or put together gift bags for the homeless people of St. Augustine. If we are lucky, we may catch a sign language class with Come Sign With Us in the evening.

Kinetic Sand


Fridays are normally our field trip days. It may be a trip to the Alligator Farm, St. Augustine Aquarium, a scenic boat cruise, Fort Menendez, or the St. Augustine Lighthouse. We try to catch any event that has been organized by a local homeschool group or places that have a homeschool day discount. When dad gets home from work, we may all gather in the kitchen to make a family dinner. Brendon’s favorite job is zesting the lemons.


Depending on the season, we may start our Saturday mornings with a soccer or t-ball game. Otherwise, Saturdays make the perfect day to go exploring St. Augustine as a family. We take advantage of local parades, festivals, free historical presentations or walking tours, or even family seining at Guana.


We try to make Sundays our family day. Whether we take a walk on the beach, go kayaking or fishing, or just spend the day at home playing board games or Legos together.


When it comes to my son’s education, what we concentrate on the most is strengthening our family bond, reading as much as possible, and allowing Brendon to question everything and communicate his thoughts to us. As he grows, the way we educate him will grow and change as well.

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3 Responses to A Week in the Life of a Homeschooling Family

  1. Laura
    Laura August 30, 2017 at 9:23 am #

    How do I learn more about the 4H club? Sounds cool!

    • Kristine Trevett
      Kristine Trevett August 30, 2017 at 11:27 am #

      We really did enjoy it and they are enrolling right now. You can check out the St Johns County 4-H club at There is also a Duval County chapter depending on where you live.

  2. Sam September 3, 2017 at 11:54 am #

    So, no offense but this sounds like everyday life with kids, and not really homeschooling. I do all of these things with my kids in their off time from school too. The rest of the time, they are learning to listen to someone other than me. Do you teach them math? This sounds like unschooling. Again, sorry but this sounds kinda crazy. School is not bad!!