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The “Power of Play” at Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus

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Students on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus are harnessing the “power of play” on new playground equipment created by Kompan Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative playground equipment. Kompan specializes in designing age-appropriate, inclusive and high quality products combining stringent environmental standards and exceptional play value.

“Bolles is the first private school in Florida to invest in this level of play for our students,” said Chief Financial Officer Nancy Greene. The philosophy and research behind Kompan’s products align effortlessly with Bolles’ All Things Possible approach to the whole school and student experience. As a result, Bolles students have been exploring new skills on two colorful playground areas installed in May behind the Kindergarten and Grade 5 buildings on the Whitehurst Campus. The new equipment provides Bolles students with new opportunities for climbing, running, spinning, jumping, hanging, balancing and more – it’s all up to the imagination!

“What happens on the playground each and every day is just as important as what happens in the classroom,” said Associate Head of School Tyler Hodges. “Our educational practice is hands-on, active and involved and attention to each of these areas provides a positive and effective educational experience.”

Bolles educates students academically, physically, socially and emotionally. Play helps the school’s youngest students explore the fundamental physical focus. The Kompan equipment develops students’ key physical strengths, fine and gross motor skills and overall fitness during their playtime. In addition to bolstering friendships outside the classroom, the equipment also helps children find a balance of academics and play that will increase their happiness and confidence in life. The Kompan-designed playground equipment encourages students to take risks and teaches that mistakes or “failures” are just opportunities to learn on life’s journey. “A playground that offers an abundance of self-directed play presents children with confidence and motivation to learn new things,” said Stacy Moseley, Kompan representative.

 About Bolles School Private College Preparatory School Pre-K – Grade 12 

TheBollesSchoolThe Bolles School provides a foundation of All Things Possible learning for more than 1,600 students in grades Pre-K through 12. Founded in 1933, Bolles features four diverse and co-educational campuses: the Lower School Whitehurst and Ponte Vedra Beach Campuses, the Middle School Bartram Campus and the Upper School San Jose Campus. The boarding program has capacity for more than 90 boys and girls, and attracts students from around the world. Bolles offers a comprehensive fine and performing arts program and offers courses in five languages (including Chinese and Japanese) and 22 Advanced    Placement Courses.  The School’s athletic successes are known worldwide. Students from the Class of 2016 qualified for more than $3.7 million in merit-based scholarships and the 187 graduates were accepted to 189 different colleges. Bolles students understand that pursuing excellence through courage, integrity, and compassion is not only the school motto but the foundation for a successful life. Located at 7400 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32217. Phone: (904) 733-9292

Open House for Parents Dates: 

Lower School (PreK-5) Open House for Parents | Whitehurst Campus | January 10, 2017 9 AM

Lower School (PreK-5) Open House for Parents | Ponte Vedra Beach Campus | January 13, 2017 9 AM

Upper School (9-12) | San Jose Campus | January 6, 2017  8:30 AM 

For more information and to reserve your space at one of our many Open Houses, visit our website or call 904-256-5030.

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