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Why I Love My Midwife

I have long thought my midwife–and the midwives who studied under her on their journey to midwifery–was some form of super human. The more people I talk to, the more I am convinced midwives are in fact, super humans. They dedicate their lives to supporting women and do it with a level of love and compassion I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. So today (really every day) I want to shine a light on the amazing women who have brought light to countless women. I asked some local moms why they love their midwife–and well–get your tissues ready. And to midwives everywhere: Thank you.


“I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with my son and a day passed where I didn’t feel any movement from him.  I called my midwife Misti, after the birth center had closed for the day, and told her what was up. She asked the standard questions that any medical professional would. . . and then she hopped in her car with her medical bag and came to my home. She came and we listened to my baby’s heartbeat and she reassured me that he was OK, and so was I. And then she stayed with me. She didn’t rush off or make me feel stupid, she sat beside me and kept me company, talking and laughing with me while I shook the nerves away and waited for my baby to move again. This wasn’t a one-off situation – Misti’s care never disappointed. She was always there to hold my heart, make me smile and ensure the safety of my babies.” – Megan Soto

Midwives Misti Balzer and Serena Burr from Growing Families Birth Center checking on baby between contractions.


“Shea didn’t just show up for my births–She wasn’t just there to “deliver a baby.” When Shea enters the room, tranquility and love fill it in a way that I can’t even put into words. Shea brings so much more than a midwife; she brings a trusted and loving friend.” – Mindy R.

Midwife Shea Cintron from Birth Center of Jacksonville supporting Mindy after her birth.


“A midwife is the one you can trust with the most sacred of secrets. They are the guardian of life and birth. They know the transformation from woman to mother. They will stand beside you as you journey to the spaces between shadows and light. Their very name means with woman. I am from Appalachia, a place where granny midwives traded their skills for eggs and vegetables when a family couldn’t pay. They delivered babies for the love of their community and the beautiful reward of watching a new life cross the threshold. These grannies used folk remedies, herbs and believed in superstitious rituals. They were magic. They took the hands of women and told them that God had given them the honor of participating in creation. My midwives have this same magic.

Unlike the grannies, their magic is tucked beneath the parchment of their medical degrees, shimmering in the light of clinical trials that prove their methods. Midwives understand that women are capable and resilient. They are the ones who breathe confidence and determination into women who are lost in the wilderness of exhaustion and uncertainty. I delivered all four of my babies with the help of midwives. One of my midwives used warm oil to help ease the passage of the baby, another put me in the perfect position to deliver, and another gave me the exact words I needed during a very dark hour. I am thankful for the skill and compassion of my amazing midwives. Thank you, Anah (baby 2 and 4), Missy (baby 3), and Barbara (baby 1). Thank you for believing that I could do exactly what I was made to do.” – Leah Noel

Midwife Anah Marks celebrating with Leah moments after delivered her fourth baby.


“I met Missy when I was 37 weeks pregnant with my first son. Although Missy and I had just 5 weeks together through the last appointments of my first pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postnatal check-ups, I totally fell in love with her as a person and a Midwife. During appointments, she stroked my belly and took the time to answer our questions honestly and thoughtfully. She made us laugh and eased our nerves every step of the way. My labor was very difficult with that baby, but she was there for a lot of the 30 hours. I wanted to have a natural birth and Missy encouraged me and helped me make decisions to aim for that. In the end, I did get the epidural (which was incredible and I was wholeheartedly praising Jesus for it!) and Missy made me feel very comfortable and at peace with that choice. She made me feel strong because I was a woman who was birthing; it didn’t matter what “kind” of birth it turned out to be.

Though Missy has delivered hundreds (thousands!?) of babies, she treated me as though she was proud of me in this “rite of passage” of becoming a mother. This meant the world to me at such a vulnerable time. With my second son, I was able to work through a natural labor/birth, however induced with Pitocin. Again, Missy was encouraging, calm, funny, a joy and comfort to have next to me through the pain. Recently my husband and I made the difficult decision to move again, this time from St. Augustine to Pittsburgh, Pa. Fast-forward to a couple months later, I was pregnant again! And I couldn’t face delivering with another midwife or practice… So what did I do!? I flew down for most of my prenatal appointments to see Missy and then finally rented a condo at the beach for the month of my delivery. I would rather drive 1000 miles to deliver with Missy than deliver with anyone else in Pittsburgh- or the world for that matter.

I cannot wait for her to be part of our birth story again with this 3rd precious son expected in June 2016.  Missy is more famous to me than the Kardashians (and I secretly love the Kardashians) and I feel incredibly privileged to know her at all, let alone have her deliver my babies.” -Katie


Missy of OBGYN associates catching Katie’s second son then passing Katie her new baby. Photo by Katie Weber Photography


“Jacinda was there for me every second of my labor. She believed in me and in my ability of giving birth. She encouraged me when I felt like I was going to give up and she kept me focused. I don’t think I would’ve had such an amazing experience without her. I am so glad that I got to have her by my side that night.” -Alina


Midwife Jacinda Golden visiting with Alina’s son at their postpartum visit.


“For both of my natural labor & delivery adventures, I was in the care of the midwives at OBGYN Associates. Elizabeth Meadows delivered Jolie and Amy Loughlin delivered Nora. While I desired a home birth, I felt more secure being in a hospital in the event of an emergency. My midwives helped my deliveries to feel as close to a home birth as possible. They encouraged me to stay home as long as possible but were ready on the other end of the phone if needed.

When I arrived at the hospital at 6 cm, they immediately showed up and were by my side encouraging me through to the end of the crazy tunnel we call childbirth. I had heard many stories of doctors not showing up until the very end of labor, so I knew that midwives were the way to go for me. Throughout my second pregnancy, my prenatal care stood out even more to me than the birth itself. I was going through a personal crisis, and my midwives were like counselors in addition to prenatal care providers. They were all beautiful listeners and truly cared about my family on a personal level. It is quite possible that I want to have more babies just so I can visit my midwife sistas!” – Lisa


Midwife Amy Loughlin of OBGYN Associates catching Lisa’s second daughter. Photo by Katie Weber Photography


Why do you love your midwife?? 

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