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Third Time’s A Charm

After you get married everyone starts asking, “So when are you going to start trying for kids?”

Then you have your first child and the next question is, “When are you going to try for a second?” You’ll get this question more if your first child is a girl. So, you to try for a second child. There are many reasons for the second child such as trying for another gender, not wanting an only child, or sometimes, it’s an oops!

Now you would think the questions would stop after the second child… right? Nope, especially if your first two kids are the same sex, like mine. People are still going to ask, “Are you going to try for a third?”

Well, for a while my motto was “Two and Through!” I even went as far as to give all of our baby stuff away. My husband was already on board for a third child. I was like ‘no thanks’ for lots of reasons. My reasons were I was just finally getting my life back, the kids are independent, no more ‘always on duty’ and I’m finally back in the size I was before kids. It took me a while and some convincing to ‘yes’ again. My husband was patient and hopeful that I would come around.

There were a lot of discussions about ending up with another girl. We already have two and we both felt we needed to be ok with having a third girl. If we weren’t and the only reason we were trying was to have a boy, then that wasn’t a good enough reason. Let’s face it, if the only reason we were trying was to have a boy then, of course, we would have another girl. We finally talked it out and decided it was ok with us if we had another girl. 

The next doubt we had to address was the age gap. There will be an 8 and 6-year gap when the third baby is born. Was this too much time in between kids? I can tell you so far that the kids are over the moon happy about a third. What has surprised me the most is how much the kids want to be involved. When our youngest was born the oldest was only two and a half. So, she obviously had no idea what was going on except mommy wasn’t all hers anymore. This time around, the kids are fully aware and are willing participants. They talk to the baby, they make plans to teach him new things and argue over whose is going to do what for mommy to help her out. This go-round is much more enjoyable because the girls are so excited about their baby brother. 

I’m happy we decided to have a third and now wonder why we didn’t try sooner. The adventure of having a third begins in May. We were very lucky and got the little boy we were all hoping for. I still have my days where I’m like I can’t believe I’m starting over again! It is pretty easy to leave the house right now. But, in the future, I’ll have the big diaper bag, very little sleep, and praying I don’t forget anything. Yep, it’s all worth it. The one thing I tell my friends all the time, the sleepless nights, the always “on duty,” and not as much me time will come to an end one day. So enjoy… it because it doesn’t last long.


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