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What’s Different with Your Second Pregnancy

There’s something particularly special about your first pregnancy. The miracle of life growing inside of you is magical, somewhat scary and definitely overwhelming. Since discovering I am expecting my second child, things have been a little different. Not necessarily in a bad way, just different. Here are some second pregnancy differences I’m noticing this time around. 

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Baby Bump

With my first pregnancy I was SO excited to start showing. I remember taking photos every week to analyze and compare my growing baby bump. With this pregnancy, I am trying to stay in ‘regular’ clothes for as long as possible. 


I spent countless hours researching, planning and preparing the nursery for my daughter. It was filled with cute DIY Pinterest projects and custom made printables (check it out here). We finalized every little detail MONTHS before my daughter was actually born. This time around, we don’t have a spare bedroom just waiting to be converted into a nursery. Besides, babies really don’t care what their room looks like. The baby will sleep in our room for the first year and once ready, he or she will share a room with our toddler, which will probably stay princess themed until we move into a bigger house. 


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew on any given day how many weeks (and days) I was, what was happening with the baby developmentally and what size fruit the baby was closest to. With baby number two, I’m lucky if I remember how many weeks I am (without having to check the app on my phone). 


The first time around, I read ALL the books and researched everything. Any little symptom or question would send me straight to Google, searching pregnancy forums and past experience posts from popular mommy bloggers. I remember writing LISTS of questions to ask my doctor at every appointment. This time I feel much more relaxed about the whole process. I’ve lived it so I don’t necessarily feel like I need to do a ton of research.  


I was incredibly strict with my diet during my first pregnancy. No caffeine, no deli meat, pretty much avoiding anything on the “NO” list, which is quite lengthly. I was also very careful to eat extremely healthy. While I haven’t completely tossed out the rules with this pregnancy, I am much more lenient with what I eat. As long as I take my vitamins and eat three times a day, I’m not as stressed about overanalyzing every single dietary choice. 


I worked an office job with my first pregnancy which meant I had to dress relatively nice, though some days I didn’t even feel like getting out of bed. My wardrobe consisted of cute dresses, fun accessories and maternity dress pants and tops. This time around, I work from home while taking care of my toddler, so I’ll be in yoga pants and t-shirts most days. 


With my daughter, we planned very special announcements for my family, my husband’s family, our extended family and then, of course, a cute announcement on social media. Hit repeat as soon as we found out a girl was on the way! This time, telling family was pretty straight forward, nothing “cute” about it. First trimester nausea, plus having a toddler, means I have no time or energy for a ton of well-crafted announcements. I did manage to capture and post a cute photo of my daughter to announce our pregnancy on social media. 


I insisted on documenting the whole process with my first pregnancy. Each trimester was documented, pictures taken during the delivery, a lifestyle session shortly after coming home and newborn portraits done when our princess was only one week old (you can read more about each session here). I also took every opportunity to document my growing baby bump with my handy pregnancy app and ‘bumpie’ camera mode. While I loved having so many pictures to look back on, I don’t foresee having as much time for photos with this pregnancy. We will be happy if we get one nice family picture before the baby comes. Trust me, I LOVED having photos of the delivery process because I felt like it told such a beautiful story of our daughter’s birth day. Just not sure if it will happen this go round!

What are some second pregnancy differences you’ve noticed? I’d love to know I’m not alone! Please share your experience in the comments below. 

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One Response to What’s Different with Your Second Pregnancy

  1. LORI OHARA February 10, 2017 at 7:26 pm #

    Kayla, Loved reading all your excerpts!! So much of this is normal…Since you already have experienced a lot of what is to be expected you are more relaxed…don’t have to get so overwhelmed or excited about every little change or symptom…at the same time a lot of the novelty has been removed. (Except finding out a child of the different sex occurs!!) Sure, you have a small child running around which takes up a whole lot of your day 😮 However…Being the second child and not seeing so many photo’s of myself… :'( Which makes someone feel kinda less important…Just a thought… It is only felt when the child gets older and sees all the hoopla from the other sibling lol
    I made sure to take Pictures and fuss over all Four 🙂 Happy Posting <3