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A Holiday Survival Guide for the Pregnant Momma

We all know the holidays can be full of crazy and intense moments just as much as they can be full of joy and cheer. Being pregnant during the holiday season comes with its own unique challenges and magic moments as well. On one hand, your loved ones may shower you with attention and insist on doing everything. On the other hand, they may ask you to host. No matter what situation you find yourself in this holiday season there are some things that you can do to ensure that you survive and thrive this year.

Read on for how you can win the holiday season, baby bump and all!

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Being a pregnant woman today isn’t the easiest thing. Although I am sure women hundreds of years ago had it much harder, we still have to deal with tons of info and rules while running around with our jam-packed schedules. Not to mention we have the well-meaning advice like go ahead, you are eating for 2! I am all for moderation and balance. So when I say indulge, I don’t mean eat as many sweets you want. What I really mean is to let others do things for you! This holiday season, indulge in a foot or back rub, indulge in a trip to Target solo, sleep in, or let someone else fold the laundry. And if no one is offering, ASK! You won’t regret it and you deserve it.

Take Breaks

It is so important to not forget that you come first while running around and trying to make the holiday perfect for the ones you love. Use this time of year to slow down, kick up your feet, and even nap multiple times a day! It is so good to pace yourself and once January rolls around you will be glad you didn’t push yourself too hard.

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If the merriment becomes too much or a certain family member rubs you the wrong way don’t stress. The hormone cortisol that is released when you stress is twice as intense for you and for baby when you are pregnant. Instead, take a deep breath, smile and nod, and go to your happy place! Daydream about snuggling that little bundle soon and know that all is right in the world. Daydreaming also works well when receiving unsolicited advice, when Uncle John has had too many eggnogs or when you are just feeling overwhelmed. 

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Unplug from Social Media

This is one I really need to do. I am guilty of being connected and available way too much on social media. In addition to personal indulgences, I have a few side gigs that require a constant presence on social media. So I admit it, I am a little tiny bit of a Social Media Junkie. I wrote this as much as a reminder to myself, as it is a way to encourage you strong mommas, busy growing beautiful babies, that ’tis the season to leave your phones on the chargers when you go out, or when you are with family and friends. You won’t regret it and you are more likely to enjoy the (uninterrupted) moments with those you care about.

pregnant holiday

Mommas remember what this time of year really means to you. If you make a conscious effort to slow yourself down, see the joy in the little things and try to be more present, I promise you that not only will you be so much happier for it, but you will also come through it more peaceful and connected to your little bundle. Happy Holidays!

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