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The Cul-de-Sac Raised My Kids This Summer

**Disclaimer: I started writing this post at the beginning of summer…things changed just a smidge as the summer went on. I will describe our early summer experience and late summer experience separately.**

Early Summer

summer mom

Well, I didn’t exactly plan it this way. Hmm, so actually a lack of planning is a big part of it. I signed the kids up for one week of camp … but other than that, whoops! I kinda forgot. My husband and I started a new business, life got hectic and I was simply too busy to plan any summer activities for my kids. They are basically running free this summer.

So far it’s going swimmingly. No, really! I work from home so I am around but not necessarily available most of the day. We have settled into a nice little routine so far. The kids help me get the house in order every morning. They each have a few chores and after that they have breakfast, get dressed and they’re out the door! We are lucky to live on a short block with a cul-de-sac and it’s just crawling with kids. My kids and their pack bounce back and forth from house to house to house. Some of us even switch off lunch duties and feed each other’s kids so we don’t have to deal with making lunches everysingledayfromnowuntileternity.

For the most part, it’s all sports all day every day. My boys have baseball bats permanently attached to their hands. And since getting fitted for his football uniform, my youngest son only takes his pads off to sleep. My almost teenage daughter has a bit of a different routine. She sleeps in, because, puberty. Then she will find a friend and they’ll hit the neighborhood pool or ride bikes to Tropical Smoothie.

We cap off most days with a golf cart ride in the neighborhood or on the golf course. Hunting for golf balls is a new favorite activity! Kinda like an Easter Egg hunt but better. On a recent golf cart ride, I overheard my older son say, “This is the best summer ever!” I can’t enter an emoji face with hearts on it but that is what belongs here. So far Summer 2019 is looking to go down in history books as the best ever.

Late Summer

summer mom

Send help. And wine. And then maybe just a few more helpers with some exxxtra wine. This, my friends, is the summer of the taquito. Why the taquito? Because it is something my kids will actually eat, it has at least a smidge of protein and they can heat it up themselves. So it now makes up approx. 75% of their diets. The other 25% being rounded out by Gatorades and Doritos, natch. In addition to the basic vegan diet we’ve transitioned to this summer, we have made a few changes to our late summer activity schedule.

OK y’all, here’s what’s up: it got hot outside. Like it was already disgusting at the start of summer but somehow it got worse. In order to exert energy in this type of heat, IV rehydration is required for safety. July/August heat means that the kids are not outside constantly like they were in June. They’re still hanging with the other kids and bouncing from house to house … only now they’re inside a lot. And every mother worth her weight in Cheez-It’s knows exactly what that means. VIDEO GAMES. At this point, I have zero energy to fight it.

My now teenager has started calling me Karen. My name is not Karen. In case you are not lucky enough to have a child to remind you just exactly how uncool you are, Karen is basically slang for meeee! I’ll leave it at that. If you want specifics, click here. My teen’s summer routine hasn’t changed much from early summer except for the fact that she stays up later and later and sleeps in later and later than ever before. I have a degree in Psychology which is 80% useless except for the fact that I understand the extreme need for sleep at her age. Aaaand it still drives me crazy.

Summer reading? Don’t even get me started. It took a random neighborhood email reminder about the Bookmobile coming to visit in order to remind me that, oh yeah! It was expected that I would be continuing with parenting this summer. Annoying. In happier news, my house is as tidy as ever! That was a LOL folks. I. Can’t. Anymore. I’m kinda OCD and tidiness is my jam so summer is basically the devil. For the first time in my life, I have actually fallen asleep with clean laundry surrounding me in my bed. Sadly I must confess, this has happened more than once. #winning 

summer mom

End of summer message to the teachers of my children: I love you more than spaghetti (and this is my very highest term of endearment). I thank you and you are amazing and pretty and smart and funny and you are EVEN better than golf ball Easter egg hunts. Soooo many kissy-face emojis go here! Back to school is cool! 2019-2020 here we come!

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