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Show Some Sibling Love

Siblings. We love to hate them and hate to love them. They can be our biggest ally or our worst enemy. They annoy us, know all of our strengths and weaknesses, and are our best supporters. Face it, sometimes it’s hard to appreciate our siblings, but there are only a handful of people who can say they have known you for your entire life. And, for those of us who have been blessed with siblings, we know the integral role they play in our everyday lives.

I was blessed enough to end up with two siblings…a sister born on my second birthday (imagine that present) and a half brother ten years younger. While I can’t say it’s always been easy, or that we’ve been on speaking terms or that I didn’t want to sell either of them…I wouldn’t trade the relationships I have with both of them for anything. Both of them have taught me the important stuff–and I’m not talking about math or science or reading. I’m talking about the good stuff, like life lesson good!

“Sibling relationships — and 80 percent of Americans have at least one — outlast marriages, survive the death of parents, resurface after quarrels that would sink any friendship. They flourish in a thousand incarnations of closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust.” Erica E. Goode

From screaming matches to fun in the sun, these two will always be buds!

From screaming matches to fun in the sun, these two will always be buds!

April 10th is National Sibling Day — which means it’s time to remember why brothers and sisters are so important.

  • Your sibling knows you better than anyone else in the world. I’m not just talking about your favorite color, book to read, or type of food. I’m talking about your dreams, fears, every preference, every annoying behavior, and everything in between. They probably can even read your mind! All it takes is one look and my sister knows exactly what I am thinking.
  • Your sibling has the same family. If anyone would be able to really “get” you and why you are “they way you are”, it’s your siblings. Siblings grow up under the same roof. We witness the same family feuds, experience the same moments of joy and grief, and get the “inside jokes.”  I realize that not all sibling situations and family are the same. You may have a half-sibling, a foster sibling, or even a sibling from another mother (as we call our cousins in our family). And that’s okay! In fact, it’s more than okay?! What makes relationships different is also what makes them special and meaningful.
  • Your siblings are among a handful of people who will always have your back. Sure there are times when you argue, plot against each other, or switch the heads on your barbie dolls because you chewed the feet off of your own. But, at the end of the day, your sibling is on your side. My two kids are at the age where they bicker all day long. Something as small as an inch of blanket can send them into a tailspin. But the moment one of them is hurt or in trouble, the other one is by their side sticking up for them. I do not want to be the person that messes with my son. Ever.

taking on the world together

So, take a minute today to show your sibling(s) some love.  If they live close to you, spend some time together. Siblings don’t live close?  Send a quick text message or make a phone call to tell them you are thinking of them!

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