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SAMB’s Top 10 Blog Posts for 2016!


Wow! Our first year at St. Augustine Moms Blog has been amazing and full of growth. We are extremely thankful to St. Augustine for embracing us as we continue to write for you – the readers! 

As we wrap up 2016, we wanted to share our Top 10 most-read blog posts from this year along with a few Honorable Mentions. We hope you enjoy re-reading them as much as we have!

SAMB Top 10!


“I’m sorry that you will have to emotionally adjust as this tiny new human takes up half of the stage that you are accustomed to rocking as a solo act. I’m sorry he will cry and interrupt your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”


“We just left the grocery store with two bags of grapes that were on sale – total cost: $10. I can guarantee those bags will be gone by tomorrow. You know what else I can guarantee will happen tomorrow? That same store will have thrown away dozens of those same bags of grapes.”

Frump to Fierce

“I was exhausted all of the time (this was a different feeling than just being a mom of 4 tired), I wasn’t eating much and when I did it was kid food, and I was in a rut with my exercise routine. Also, the fact that I was fast approaching my 40th birthday, made me start thinking about my long term health and the desire to stay healthy for my kids. I needed a major change!”



Flager College

“My days of spending as much time as possible downtown had been replaced with avoiding it as much as possible during peak tourist season because the lines for restaurants were so long and traffic was ridiculous. Instead of really appreciating and taking advantage of the beauty and rich history of St. Augustine, I realized that I have been neglecting it… for years. And then in a matter of hours, the reality that it could all be taken away, hit me to the core.”


Baby in car

“My friend was saying something about her kids when everything in the room suddenly became silent to my ears. I had tingles all over my body. I tried to interrupt my friend, but it felt like nothing was coming out of my mouth. Fear and disbelief overcame me, and I was shocked.”

Messy Room Fail

“I feel like all I did was yell, argue, discipline, clean up mess after mess and made no difference whatsoever. I failed at cleaning. I failed at loving. I failed at discipline. I FAILED big time at patience. I have so much love for my children, but did they feel any of that?”

Living With Less (1)

“I started to really question the amount of stuff that we had, and that we were acquiring at a rate I could not keep up with. Trinkets, papers, and other miscellaneous items trickled in quicker than I could find a Pinterest post about what to do with them. It was then that I had a realization: I don’t want more bins to organize my stuff… I want less stuff!”


“One Facebook scroll, one check on your baby who just ate sand, one quick text to a friend. That’s all it takes for your child to go from being within your reach, within your line of vision, to being underwater and unable to breathe. I know that’s hard to hear. But believe me, it’s much harder to experience.”

Sad Christmas

“Having three kids back to back is a quick way to learn how fast ‘stuff’ accumulates. And as I became more and more aware of the amount of waste we create as consumers it was painfully obvious something had to change.”


“Worried that she may be overthinking his symptoms, she went ahead and bought a blood glucose meter that night. She checked his blood sugar and it just flashed “HIGH.” His blood sugar was so high it wouldn’t register on the meter. She rushed him to the ER and they immediately admitted him to the Pediatric ICU.”

A Few Honarable Mentions:

Now we want to hear from you! What were some of your favorite SAMB Blogs from 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks again for an amazing start to SAMB, and we look forward to what 2017 has in store. Happy New Year!

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