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How Mama Got Her Groove Back (A True Story)

Being a parent changes you, I knew that before I signed up to do this. There is no definite, however, on what will change. Everyone is different and there are so many variables to consider. From how well the delivery goes to how well the baby sleeps are all at play. But there is a certain point a mama reaches, somewhere between 2 months and 18 months after having a new baby that she says, “YES! I got my groove back.”


I am currently at week 10 postpartum with my third child. A boy this time to compliment my two princesses. There are days when I feel a little mama magic inside of me as I hit a home run with an art project or feed my kids a rainbow of fruits and veggies in one day. But it quickly disappears when I leave the art supplies out for a week, when I look in the mirror and see a teenager’s pimples or when I try to fit into, well any of my old shorts or pants. 


My oldest and my youngest, just being awesome.

It is hard being a parent going through the changes that caring for a new life brings with it. The list of things that have changed for me physically since becoming a mom is a long one. Some things will never be the same, but at least they still work. Then, there are some amazing changes to parts of me inside. My connectedness to another that I would do anything for and my increased instincts and senses (supermom). Knowing exactly what is going on upstairs at any given moment by just stopping what I am doing is amazing. Those changes are much more welcomed than my new back flaps that kinda resemble wings. 


One Big Happy Family!

But with all the BIG and little changes that occur within the first year or so of having a baby, there is a time when you get your groove back. It is a magical moment where you embrace all of your new mama hot messy goodness. You fully embrace that your new norm, your new groove, is one that doesn’t resemble the old one at all in some ways. But it is new and amazing and you. It is a moment when you know you can do this mom thing, and you can do it well. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first, second or fifth kid. Every mom finds herself there.

So as I type away in the dark while the baby sleeps next to me, spit up on my shoulder making my shirt sweetly stink and still looking like I am 5 months pregnant, I say to all of you new mamas out there, relax, give yourself grace and take it easy on you. You will find your groove mama, and it will be awesome. And the same goes for every mama reading now. Life changes, as your kids grow and change, and as you inevitably change, don’t worry, don’t fret. Be happy! You have the honor to experience this life with little ones who love you. And if some of these changes catch you up along the way, take a deep breath, chill and know that you will find your groove again before you know it!

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