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Little White Lies From the “Real” Santa

I want to squeeze every last drop of holiday cheer out of the season. Between Christmas cards, decorating, throwing Christmas parties, and finding the perfect presents, I’m tired. It’s hard to be the real Santa. I’m willing to go pretty far to maintain the magic of a glorious Christmas morning and keep my cover. Here are the top white lies I have already told my children.

real santa

Of course, that’s not the real Santa! He’s too busy at the North Pole. He hires actors to play him for pictures.

Don’t worry that you know his beard is fake or that he looks different than when you saw him the last time. Everybody knows that’s not the real guy. The real Santa gets a report from every single one of his Santa spies so be careful what you ask for. Please don’t kick him or cry. Mommy wants a nice picture.

Santa emailed me last night. He can’t bring that really popular and expensive toy for you.

Santa has lots of other kids who genuinely need things. Don’t be selfish. Think of something else you really want that is more reasonable and I’ll email him back. I’m also going to email him that you don’t deserve anything because you haven’t listened to me today and your room is a mess.

Santa drops off presents early so that I can wrap them for him.

It’s my way of helping him. You know he’s got a lot to do on Christmas. Don’t you dare open that box from Amazon. Santa is using them to ship his stuff. The bonus to this white lie is that I don’t need to worry about secret Santa wrapping paper. The paper I bought at Walmart last night while grocery shopping with the family is just fine.

Your Elf on a Shelf didn’t wake up and move because Santa makes the elves work really hard.

He’s just super tired after his trip to the North Pole last night. Let’s just give him a day or two to rest. Make him a bed. Maybe he’ll do something funny when he wakes up (and mommy finds something on Pinterest).

Santa doesn’t bring electronics.

Have you seen any pictures of Santa’s big red sack full of iPads and video game consoles? No! He specializes in regular toys. He has to buy electronics from China just like everyone else.

I had to drive all over town to find that hot cocoa you wanted. They didn’t have it anywhere!

The truth? I spent the last five hours driving all over town, fighting off other frantic parents to secretly buy all those things you wanted. I’m going to grab those packages from the trunk as soon as you are asleep.

Santa is Real.

This one is the hardest one. All my white lies will be exposed in the end. I believe it when I tell them he’s real. Santa is the spirit of selflessness, love, dependability, and trustworthiness. I want to protect him and all of the beautiful characteristics of Christian charity at all costs. 

This is the year that I will tell my oldest the truth. It will be hard to look him in the eye and ask him to shrug off the magic that he has clung to for the past 8 years. Last year, he sadly told me that he’s not ready to know “the big secret.” He can see me stretching the truth, he’s heard from his friends that Santa isn’t real. He’s holding on to the lie by the skin of his teeth.

I will tell him that it is his turn to be Santa. He will have the opportunity to find the perfect gifts, lovingly wrap them for his siblings and not take any credit for the work. He will learn the joy of selflessness. This is the biggest lesson Santa has to teach.

Here’s to all you moms making the magic happen this year. None of it is in vain.


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