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I Don’t Feel Guilty About Wishing These Bad Days Away

Please stop telling me I’ll miss the hard days I’m in.

I wake up and rush to get two out of three of my kids to two different schools on time. One is in elementary, one is in middle school and I stay home with my two-year-old daughter. We are in three completely different stages with each of our kids. It makes parenting hard. A needy but independent two-year-old, a first-grader who I’m always making sure doesn’t feel left out, and a football involved middle schooler that is going through all the changes and carries some big attitude with him. Life is hard at the moment and that’s ok. But please stop telling me I’ll miss this type of chaos and these challenging days.

Toddler tantrumI won’t.

I won’t miss the fighting.

I won’t miss the arguing.

I won’t miss my two-year-old fighting me over wearing pants. 

I won’t miss my twelve-year-old begging me for a phone 24/7.

I won’t miss being late for every single appointment.

I won’t miss all the challenges.

Yesterday my two-year-old was mad because I wouldn’t let her run in the parking lot at the grocery store. I won’t miss that. 

My best friend and I text almost daily talking about our frustrations of the day. We both are hoping to just survive the day and pray that the next day is easier. We are also both on the same page when it comes to wanting this stage of life to end. It may sound unappreciative to some, and I’m sure people will still insist that we will miss these days that we are wishing away. I’m sure at some point these hard days will be long memories that I’ll no longer remember and that’s really how I hope to see it. I hope I always remember the wonderful days and forget about these hard days.

Mommas if you’re like me don’t feel bad if you are wishing these days away. They are hard, draining days. You run on little sleep while multitasking everything else that comes about. It’s ok to look for that light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t let people guilt you for wishing the hard days over. We have a right to wish days away. Enjoy those good days, and remember you can wish those bad days away. 

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    Judy August 23, 2019 at 11:02 pm #

    Excellent Read.