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St. Augustine Moms Blog is growing our team and we want YOU! At St. Augustine Moms Blog, we believe in the power of collective wisdom and connecting with other parents. We strive to create a community-focused resource for parents to find support and respect by sharing solutions and swapping stories. Our contributor team is unique, transparent, and passionate about connecting fellow moms […]

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Educational Homestay Program

Saying YES to our Little Girl from China: Our Educational Homestay Program Experience

When it comes to new experiences for my children, I am the say YES mom. My mind usually skips over the worrying about how challenging the commitment could be, and positive visions dance in my head. So, that’s exactly what I did when I was presented with the opportunity to invite a child from China […]

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Shake Up Your Running Routine Feature

Shake Up Your Running Routine

My mom ran for exercise throughout my childhood. She would run 3 miles a day like it was her job. I seldom went with her, but I did run track back in high school. Though I didn’t love it, I did it because I was good and not many people wanted to run distance. After high […]

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Be THAT girl 2

Be THAT girl

There are a handful of women who absolutely inspire me. You know the type. She always looks great, serves on all the boards, and still bakes fresh cookies for her kid’s class bake sale. She makes you feel like you are important, and you notice that she does that for everyone. She does that because […]

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digital detox

Minimalist Mom: My Digital Detox (Cutting Down on Social Media)

This winter, a Facebook friend posted a screenshot of their battery percentage use, found in the settings of their iPhone. This friend was mortified and concerned at how much of their percentage (and time) was being devoted to Facebook. I can’t remember precisely, but I want to say their percentage was around 15%. This prompted […]

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Protect Your Eyes This Summer with SightHealth Primary Eyecare

Thank you to Dr. Rebarber and her team at SightHealth Primary Eyecare for sponsoring this post.With Summer’s official kickoff almost here, us Floridians are READY to lather ourselves in sunscreen and cover our eyes in some cool sunglasses. Most people wear sunscreen because they don’t want to get a sunburn. They wear sunglasses because they […]

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