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What Your Position in The Car Line Says About You

Car Line

If you’ve made it to preschool or beyond, you will know that there are some interesting dynamics at play in the car line. We are still at the preschool level, but I’ve heard from some veterans that the stakes are higher once you leave the sheltered confines of preschool. Whether you are a seasoned car line pro, or a new mom curious about what may lie ahead, I believe you will find this information helpful. I’ve compiled a brief description of each car line driver and their likely personality types below. 

Early Arriver

a. You are a type-A, high-achiever. You set goals and smash them on the regular because if you ain’t first, you’re last. Your hyper-punctuality is fueled by a pure desire to win. No matter how early one may think they are, you are always two steps ahead. In order to take your coveted spot, a competitor may just have to circle back after drop off.

b. You are the necessity-driven early arriver. You have a regular appointment/after school class that you can’t wait the extra time waiting in line for or another child to pick up elsewhere. Or your kids are like mine and beg you to be the first in line. Unlike me, you actually abide. 

c. You are a grandma or grandpa. G-ma and G-pa are always early. 

Middle of the Road

Ah, old trusty. You’re dependable, honest, and organized. You plan your families’ meals in advance, and always remember to defrost something for dinner the night before (goals). You like lists and would never leave home without your planner. You leave your house at the same time every day and your kids and the teachers know they can count on you. You’re the car line position all others aspire to (well except the early arriver – they are always number 1). 

Comin’ in Hot

You’re a hustler, a go-getter, but you also like to fly by the seat of your pants. You juggle work/side projects/leisure time like a boss…until it comes to the car line. Maybe your doctor appointment ran late, the Starbucks line was longer than anticipated, or you made a pit stop at Target (no such thing). You will find a way to screech in with seconds to spare because tardiness will never be a good enough reason to justify paying the $10 late after school fee. 

Spontaneous Arriver

You’re free-spirited, positive, easy going and a true non-conformist. Some may see you as aloof and unreliable, but you don’t really mind what others think. You march to the beat of your own drum. You like to keep your kids and the teachers on their toes. Did she get a smoothie after her yoga class and will be late? Did she get all her work done early and will be on time? There’s no way to predict. 

Where I Stand

I’ll confess that I am most like the Spontaneous Arriver, but also possess qualities of all categories. Only once have I done the impossible and taken the place of the early arriver. It was mostly because my kids had been begging me (ever since g-pa was on duty and showed up early, thanks a lot g-pa) to be the first called. I’m also known to frequent the middle of the road position and more than a few times have been in the “comin’ in hot” category. 

We can all learn from our fellow car line drivers, and be proud of where you are. After all, no matter where you are in the car line, the most important thing is that you showed up!


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2 Responses to What Your Position in The Car Line Says About You

  1. Arlys March 13, 2017 at 6:30 pm #

    My afternoon kindergarten grandson wrote a report about his Pake(G-pa) in which he said,” My Pake is funny because when he takes me to school, we are way early!”

    • Madison Hartle
      Madison Hartle April 3, 2017 at 8:15 pm #

      Lol! That’s so great, Arlys! Thank you for sharing that! 🙂