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{In the Mix} at Anastasia Fitness

Thank you, Henry and Anastasia Fitness for letting me 'join' your gym for the day and sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

Anastasia Fitness

I love to workout. It keeps me sane, helps me stay in shape and gives me the time to talk to other people besides my kids. But, an overuse injury has had me sidelined for the last six or so months, and I’ve been in withdrawal. Along, comes Henry and Anastasia Fitness! Henry invited St. Augustine Moms Blog to experience their ‘onboarding’ process and I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

My daughter and I headed to Anastasia Fitness during her Spring Break. Yep, I said “daughter and I.” Meaning, she was able to go with me! This was an immediate perk for this busy mom with limited options for babysitting. And, who wants to pay for a gym membership and babysitting to use that gym membership! It costs $15 for the month {I think I’ve paid that much for just an hour of babysitting at one point}. So, while you utilize the amenities, your little one gets to hang out in a playroom with other kiddos and adult supervision. My daughter instantly loved the playspace. After filling out a quick form, I was able to walk away knowing she was in good hands and enjoy my workout.

Anastasia Fitness

Next up, some forms for me to fill out. One thing I noticed immediately was the community vibe from the moment you walked in the door. I was greeted with a smile, and everyone else that walked in was greeted by their name. I can imagine that if I were a member that would be the same for me! Once I completed my forms, Seth, one of the coaches, gave me a tour of the facilities.

Anastasia Fitness used to be a racquetball gym {and yep, there is still a racquetball court}. And, it’s been a part of the community for over thirty years. Locally owned, it’s a far cry from the cookie-cutter gyms popping up everywhere. From the outside, the gym does not look like it could house all of the amenities it boasts. Seth and I wandered through the first floor to check out the group class gym {their schedule includes spin classes, yoga, barre and bodypump} and locker rooms. Then, it was outside to view the “Iron Grove” {outdoor weight area}, heated lap pool, basketball courts, and obstacle course. Next, we headed upstairs to check out the free weight room, Cybex room, team training area and “Cardio Theater” {treadmills with televisions and personal headphone hookups}. There were even a few stair climbers 🙂 

Anastasia Fitness

(from Top left, clockwise) Team Training Room, Pool (heated to 83 degrees), Cybex room, Stair climbers, Group classes, and Cardio Theater.

‘In the Mix’

Finally, it was time to get ‘In the Mix’ with personal trainer Henry Nowell! Henry took me through the complete ‘onboarding’ process – a one-on-one consultation any member can access through the personal training program. We sat down to work through his ‘get to know you’ questionnaire, and I immediately felt at ease. 

Anastasia Fitness

Meet Henry.

Henry jotted down notes while we discussed my past forays into exercising, nutritional habits, and any injuries. We then proceeded to discuss what goes into developing a workout program tailored to you. Information from movement assessments, a nutrition questionnaire, body composition, and cardio assessments are combined to form a unique workout program. You can then choose to continue with one-on-one training sessions, participate in the team training classes or customize individual workouts. I had the opportunity to take part in one of the team training classes: StaBALANCED.

The StaBALANCED class focuses on developing coordination and learning about how the body is supposed to move. Four of us spent the hour sweating our way through exercises that engaged our core and tested our coordination {think crossover box steps . . . talk about not trying to fall over!}. At one point, Henry noticed that I was really struggling to finish my third set of walk over push ups {due to an overuse injury}. He pulled me to the side to show me a few stretches and small trigger point massages that would help alleviate the tightness causing the pain. Almost immediately I could go back to completing the exercise at 100%. Not once have I ever had that type of experience in a small group session.

Why Choose Anastasia Fitness?

After kicking my butt for an hour, Henry and I {and my daughter} had the opportunity to grab a bite to eat and talk about the gym. It is quite obvious Henry is passionate about what he does and Anastasia Fitness. When asked about what makes Anastasia Fitness unique, he replied,

“We are a family-friendly gym committed to moms getting fit and strong. The professional coaches are knowledgeable and passionate about finding the right path for our members to achieve their best fitness. We are locally owned with a deep commitment to the community We are not a corporate and glossy franchise. We are real people offering members real opportunities to improve.”

I couldn’t agree more! Anastasia Fitness is inviting the moment you walk in the door. Everyone, from the staff to members, was friendly and welcoming – as if I have been a member for years. And, if you don’t believe me . . .  just ask Becky, one of the personal trainers at Anastasia Fitness. She was teaching a class and completing a one-on-one session with her adorable daughter on her hip the entire time I was there.

Anastasia Fitness



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