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Getting Crafty for Halloween

When ever a new holiday rolls around, we always try to put together a few fun crafty projects for our kids to do to help decorate the house. They love getting a chance to have some ownership in our seasonal decor and I love seeing their faces light up in excitement when they complete their masterpieces. Halloween just happens to be both of my kiddos’ favorite holiday right now, so I have a huge list of crafts we can make throughout the month. From paper plates to popsicle sticks, you’re sure to find something fun to create on this list!


Paper Plate Crafts

I’m not sure about you guys…but I LOVE paper plates!  I usually buy them in bulk at Costco or for super cheap at Target/Walmart. Why? Well, one they make for easy meal clean-ups (and you can recycle them). Two, I can come up with crafts galore for every single holiday using paper plates. Use on-sale paints and other various materials to make cute or spooky characters! Click on the links below to find easy instructions for several of my favorite Halloween characters.

Spiders:: I Heart Craft Things delivers the goods when it comes to adorable-yet spooky-spiders made from paper plates. From googly eyes to slinky legs, these are sure to be fun to put together!

Bat:: Rebecca over at Simple As That has a few paper plate ideas for Halloween, but I think the bat is adorable. Some prepping to get the wings made, but otherwise easy for a younger kiddo.

Vampire:: This guy is a little more complicated, so either prep a lot for younger kiddos or leave it up to the older kids.

Witch:: Craft Morning combines both paper plates and hand cutouts to create these fun witches. Make this craft easier by prepping for the younger kiddos. Older kids can create a variety of expressions, trace their own hands, and cut out the hat pieces. You can also use a variety of different materials (such as felt) to create a different look.

Pumpkin::  Who doesn’t love pumpkins?! This easy craft is great scissor and glue practice for younger kiddos. Add a spooky face and you’ve made a bonafide Jack-o-lantern!


Handprint & Footprint Art

When my kids were little little, like 6 months – 1.5 years, I loved making hand print/footprint art with them. They loved the paint and I could make multiple pieces of decor to send to family and friends. Not only did we end up with art, but also a unique way of showing how much their handprints and footprints changed over time! A few of my favorites are listed below.

Handprint Witches:: I’ve gone two different directions when it comes to handprint witches. The first time I traced my kiddos hands and then let them glue on hats and paint the hair. The second go round we used paint to create the different parts of the witches. Either can be tailored for preschoolers or school age kids!

Handprint Spiders:: Littles can really get into this super easy way to make spiders. I like to paint my kids’ hands first, then have them cut out around the hand to make the spider legs. Help your littles glue the eyes on and you’ve got a creature worth hanging around the house! Another great idea from Mom Endeavors, creates handprint spiders in a DIY lacing card web.

Footprint Mummies:: How are adorable are these footprint mummies from Crafty Morning?? A little white paint, a Sharpie marker, tiny toes and eyes and you have super cute mummies!

Footprint Frankenstein:: Another good one from Crafty Morning involves turning some tiny toes into little Frankensteins. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the directions.

Fingerprint Bat Silhouette Art:: Love this idea as a keepsake for my kiddos fingerprints. And, I’m sure you can change the silhouettes to match your kiddo’s favorite Halloween character!


Throw together some water, glue, and Borax and you’ve got yourself some play-for-hours fun on your hands…literally. Here are a few takes on the sl-i-i-i-mey concoctions kids love!

Glitter Slime Monsters:: Add a little glitter glue to create glitter slime monsters. This is a great way to recycle some of those old baby food jars you may have around the house.

Glow in the dark slime::Want your slime to glow in the dark?  Add some glow in the dark paint to create a spooky slime.


Popsicle Stick Crafts

Another easy and cheap craft material: popsicle sticks! We love painting them and adding decorations to make fun Halloween creatures. You can usually buy these in bulk at any craft store. Throw in a coupon and you have an essential craft material on hand at all times.

Monsters:: A fun way to allow each kiddo to express their creativity! Use different paint colors and whatever you have on hand to create eyes, hair, ears, mouths, etc. Help younger kids cut out shapes if they are not able to use scissors yet.

Frankenstein:: Another great craft from Crafty Morning comes in the form of Frankenstein. Use green popsicle sticks or paint sticks green, then add fun facial expressions and some hair. Make them into door hangers to scare the monsters away!

Puppets:: How about a spooky puppet show using Halloween creature puppets? Have each kiddo create a monster and then use them to tell a story. These monster puppets offers some easy entertainment for a few minutes or hours (depending on the age of your kids)!

Popsicle Stick Haunted House:: Have older kids to entertain for a few hours? Try out this fun crafty project to create a popsicle stick haunted house. Head over to your local craft store to find stickers for easy decorations or have your older kids cut out their decorations.

Spider Webs:: My kids are obsessed with spider webs, so you can be sure we will be making some of these this month!

I could definitely keep going with ideas using toilet paper rolls, fruit for stamping and pipe cleaners! Did I leave one of your favorites off the list? Please share!

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