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How Britax ClickTight Saved My Sanity

September is Child Passenger Safety Month. Awareness for car seat safety is important because motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in children under age 13. Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned one, it is vital to know the current car seat safety recommendations and new products on the market to keep your kids safe.

In honor of Child Passenger Safety Month, Britax has teamed up with City Moms Blog Network groups all over the country to share a few car seat safety tips with us. Britax also let us know about the Britax Advocate Clicktight Convertible car seat with their new Anti-Rebound Bar. St. Augustine Moms Blog was invited to attend one of these events with Jacksonville Moms Blog this past week, and I am excited to be the one to tell you about it!

Britax Event SignBritax cupcakes

Britax provided us with one of their company representatives and a certified car seat technician at the event. They educated us about car seat safety and some new innovative products they currently have out on the market. Lunch was provided, as well as some delicious, and adorable, cupcakes. After all of our questions were answered, they had the car seat technician install our new Britax Advocate Clicktight car seat into our cars properly. I was able to take it home and use it in my car with my children. I have to say I really love this car seat!

Image by Britax

Image by Britax

What makes the Britax Advocate Clicktight ARB different from other convertible car seats on the market today?

 The Britax Advocate ClickTight has three layers of side impact protection. It features a stabilizing steel frame, energy absorbing base and a V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation with staged-release stitches that slow and reduce forward movement during a crash. All of these features work together to reduce the risk of injury and fatality to your child. My four-year-old told me that this was the most comfortable car seat he has ever sat in. You can tell that thought was put into every aspect of this seat by the quality of it. I love that the Advocate can comfortably and safely fit my 4-year-old forward facing, 2-year-old rear facing, and a newborn.

One of my personal favorite aspects of the Britax Advocate is the Clicktight technology.

It makes installing the seat easy, quick, and basically foolproof. The majority of car seats out there are very hard to install. I have spent many Florida summer’s sweating in the back of the car trying to move and install bulky car seats. Even after all that work, 96% of parents think that they are installing their seats correctly–three out of four are not. Clicktight technology was created to help shorten that gap. It has saved my sanity. It is an easy way to install the car seat properly using the vehicle seat belt forward facing or rear facing. You turn the Clicktight key, then the base of the seat lifts up. Then you thread the seatbelt and buckle it, and you click it closed. You are ready to go. I can install this car seat in under a minute, which for a mom with multiple kids, is a huge deal!


Another great feature of this seat is the Anti-Rebound Bar.

You can purchase the ARB separately or with the seat. It is compatible with the Advocate Clicktight, Boulevard Clicktight, and Marathon Clicktight car seats. The ARB is very easy to install and remove when your child is ready to forward face. The Anti-Rebound Bar is a padded steel bar used at the foot of Clicktight car seats when rear facing. It manages rebound or reactive motion in the opposite direction of impact during a collision. Britax found that the ARB reduces rebound rotation by 40 percent and stabilizes the car seat during frontal, rear- end and side-impact crashes. Keeping your rear facing child safer in a crash.Anti-Rebound Bar

Britax shared a few great safety tips with us:

Keep children rear-facing for as long as possible, until at least two years of age or until reaching the maximum height, weight, or seated shoulder height capacity of the seat. Install the seat in a reclined position, when rear facing, to help keep baby’s airways clear. Once forward facing, keep your child in a harnessed car seat for as long as possible. Whether forward or rear facing, it’s important to tighten the safety harness until it is snug. And when properly installing a car seat, it should not move more than 1 inch side-to-side or front-to-back at the belt path.

All car seats are different, make sure to read both your car seat and vehicle manuals to know how to properly install, use, and clean it. I loved having a car seat technician properly install the Britax Advocate for me. She made sure the seat properly fit my child and car. The technician also checked my other car seats that I had already installed in my car. To find a car seat check event or technician near you go to

carseat install

For the entire month of September, Britax is having an All About Baby Safety Event. So, if you’ve been eyeing one of Britax products, now is the time to get it. The all about baby safety event can save you up to 25% on select Britax products.

Image by Britax

Image by Britax

This post brought to you by Britax and City Moms Blog Network.


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One Response to How Britax ClickTight Saved My Sanity

  1. Tom Bowen November 28, 2016 at 11:31 am #

    I read this well-written piece with great interest. I am a child of the 1950s, when we didn’t even have seatbelts, let alone car seats for children. In fact, cars had metal dashboards with pointy knobs (I’m serious). It’s a wonder we’re here! My mom used to stick her arm out when she stopped suddenly at red lights or stop signs. That was the only seat restraint we had! We had seat belts and car seats for our kids, however, but they weren’t nearly as high-tech as these. Air bags? Those were what you blew up and smacked with your hands to make loud noises to drive your parents crazy!