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The MOMgress Report:: An End of the Day Progress Report for Mom

momgress report
Late afternoon is usually when I get my second wind, especially if I actually have a plan for dinner. We are almost there folks! ALL I have to do is make dinner, feed the kids, clean up, give them a bath, brush teeth, do two separate bedtime routines and THEN the rest of the evening is mine. And tonight is the night when I will actually check off something on my list that was impossible “To Do” with kids around. 

Those dreams start fading as soon as we sit down for dinner. “Sit . . . Sit . . . SIT DOWN at the table.” Oh wait, I meant to use my sing song voice, “If you want to eat you have to sit in your seat.” And a moment later, “SIT DOWN, FACE FORWARD and EAT.” As I stuff a piece of my daughter’s discarded chicken in my mouth I start to self analyze. “Oh man, am I Sybil? Or maybe I have an anger management problem? Or is it simply that I’m eating dinner with two small children?” 

And so it goes as we ride the witching hour roller coaster – HIGHS of laughing, singing and splashing in the tub and LOWS of me screaming at them to brush their teeth. 

But finally the moment comes when my little babes are tuckered out and tucked in to bed and it is MY time; my time to shine. Only problem is, I am not the same woman I was earlier in the afternoon. That pile of laundry I was going to tackle today to free up my tomorrow, not happening. The blog post I need to write, I have no creativity left. I used all I had to make up a silly song to inspire a pre-bedtime clean up session. 

The truth is, I am exhausted and all I want to do is watch Netflix and chill. But as soon as I head for the couch, the feelings of failure creep in.  What DID I do today? Did I accomplish anything? Do I deserve to sit down? I mean it’s only 8:30. Maybe, I should read a book or work on that video I need to finish. Or maybe start my two year old’s baby book. So many unfinished items left on the table! So, I decided that we need a checklist – what I call a MOMGRESS report. That way we can objectively see if we qualify for that glass of wine, or milk and cookies, or whatever your treat of choice may be. 

Here you go, the official MOMgress Report 

My MOMgress report is on a scale of 0 – 100. I’d say you deserve a guilt free chill session if you get at least 85 points. But you can make that decision for yourself. 

And now you can SEE it, right? You actually DID have an incredibly productive day. Way to go, Momma!! Feel free to download and use this MOMGRESS report or make up one that is more specific to your family (I haven’t entered the world of teenagers). Hopefully you can all feel that satisfaction at the end of the day when you realize, you actually DID do a lot. So go ahead and slide all those “to do’s” to the back burner, tip back that glass of wine, turn on your favorite show and SIT DOWN on that couch girl, you earned it!


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