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Millennial Mom: You Need a Friend That Grew Up in the 90’s

Life isn’t complete without good friends who help you to make the right choices and encourage you to become the best you can be (I learned that from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Back to the Future). Millennial Mom, we can learn from each other. Your Backstreet Boys/NSYNC are our New Kids on the Block, and your Beanie Babies are our Cabbage Patch kids. We aren’t that different. We’ve all got something valuable to offer one another.

We are here for you. Xennials, born between 1977 and 1983, are digital immigrants. We embraced the digital world when it was new and developed an insatiable hunger for new technology. We know what the world was like before the internet, but we are just as addicted to social media as our younger mom friends. Here are some of the things Xennials can teach a Millennial Mom.

A Flannel and a baggy t-shirt aren’t sloppy: it’s Grunge.

If you are late dropping your kids off at school, grab some of your husband’s clothes and turn on Nirvana. Opt for some recent Dave Grohl Foo Fighters if that’s too archaic. Try tying your shirt around your waist if it gets too hot. If that doesn’t work, channel Punky Brewster or Rainbow Brite. Don’t forget the scrunchy.

Let your kids play video games.

We know the joy of going to the computer lab to play Oregon Trail on the Apple IIc. I have amazing memories playing Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt with my cousins. We rode bikes, played in the dirt and also played video games. One didn’t overshadow the other. Let your kids play electronics, but remind them that they need exercise and sunshine too.

Less is more on social media.

We didn’t have social media until we were in our 20’s. Despite the fact that we were adults, we still made a lot of mistakes in oversharing on social media. We have learned the hard way to take back our privacy. Do not share everything on social media, keep some of those memories for yourself.  I promise it doesn’t lessen the experience, it makes it all the more delectable. Saved by the Bell caffeine pills style, step away from the social media.

A little skepticism can be good.

We have been targeted by radio commercials, TV advertisements, and pop-ups on the internet. If it sounds too good to be true it’s probably a gimmick, like Columbia House CD Club and those free t-shirts we got from signing up for college student credit cards.

This is me in the 90’s…sigh. I thought this was a really cool rock star costume. Such a poor, sad fashion victim.

A handwritten note is wonderful.

Do you know what your best friend’s handwriting looks like? We know the joy of finding a triangular folded note in our locker and receiving a letter in the mailbox. We checked yes, no or maybe when someone wanted to know if we liked them. Some of those letters and notes are still tucked away in a trapper keeper (what once was the greatest folder of all time). We can transport back to that moment just by looking at the handwriting.

The world is safer now.

In high school, we kept a quarter in our purse for the payphone in case of an emergency and got lost in the bad part of town following poorly written directions. Thanks to your cell phone, you have access to the police 24/7 and Google maps in the palm your hand. Be careful, keep calm and you will be safer than we were.

Don’t worry about the health trends.

We have survived it all. We’ve done Slim Fast, Atkins, Buns of Steel, “Get in Shape Girl,” and Low Fat Diets. Just do what works for you and what you can stick with. Consistency is what shows results. It doesn’t seem to matter what method you use. There isn’t a magic pill. If there was, we would have found it.

Waiting can make things more exciting.

We had to wait for our favorite song to come on the radio. When it finally came on, an hour after we started listening, the elation and joy were palpable. If we weren’t home when Friends or X-Files came on we had to wait for a re-run. We didn’t have On Demand, the internet or Spotify. Immediate gratification isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There is a pleasure that can’t be matched when you are rewarded for patience.

She had her babies in her 20’s. I had my babies after I turned 30. With kids the same age, we have more in common than you would expect and teach each other so much about life and friendship.

What do you remember from your childhood? Do you recognize any of these references? What advice do you have for your mom friends? Let us know!

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2 Responses to Millennial Mom: You Need a Friend That Grew Up in the 90’s

  1. Katie October 13, 2017 at 10:55 pm #

    I guess I’m a millennial mom. But since I was born in 1985 I totally get a lot of these references and kind of miss the waiting part. Waiting for songs on the radio and watching cable TV. There’s something about knowing everyone else is at home watching the same thing and going to school or work and talking about it the next day.

    • Leah October 27, 2017 at 10:38 am #

      I could contest the dividing lines. The dates for Xennials were based on the Star Wars release dates. I think a lot of these could be shared with other generations, including gen x and y!