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Creating Connection in Our Community: A 7-Day Challenge

I made eye contact and said hello to someone on the sidewalk the other day and the look of surprise on her face shocked me. When did we let common courtesy and basic human connection become a rarity? You don’t always know what people are going through or struggling with and if we can’t connect on a basic level then we could be doing more harm to those around us.

Have you ever reached for your phone in a waiting room or a grocery line to avoid talking to people around you? When walking past someone, do you look off to the side to avoid a moment of eye contact? How about when you are watching your children play at a park; do you stay in your own bubble away from other parents? If you said yes to any of the questions above then I have a challenge for you.


We have become consumed with our to-do lists, desperate to know what everyone is doing at every second of the day on social media while ignoring those around us, and blind to anyone outside of our little family or friend circle. Yes, interaction with people you don’t know can be awkward. Yes, a simple hello can spark someone to take a conversation too far when you don’t have the time. We need to make the time. Life is short, people are important, and our children are watching.


People nowadays are weighed down with a suffocating feeling of loneliness when they are surrounded by people. I have personally felt this way and after having children and becoming a mother, loneliness can easily creep in.

Let’s break the cycle we are all stuck in. Let’s connect with those around us and be the example for our children to show them that people and relationships matter. I want to dare you and the mothers of St. Augustine to a 7-Day Creating Connection in Our Community Challenge. Below is the list of challenges for the next seven days. Will you take the time?

7 Day Creating Connection in Our Community Challenge

  • Day 1– Smile and say hello to a stranger.
  • Day 2– Call up a friend you have not talked to in a few days and see how they are doing.
  • Day 3– Do not pull out your phone to avoid conversations at any point today.
  • Day 4– Look someone in the eye and sincerely ask them how they are doing.
  • Day 5– Encourage another parent today. Let them know that he or she is not alone in this wild journey of parenthood.
  • Day 6– Without any distractions sit down and have a conversation with your child or spouse. Try to really connect with them and allow them to feel heard.
  • Day 7– Text seven people and tell them you are thinking about them and wish them a wonderful day.

There are so many ways that we can connect with people in addition to the ways listed above. Sometimes the simplest thing can make a big impact. Let us know other ways you like to connect with people.


If you complete the challenge then let us know and dare some of your friends to join you!

*If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or feel like the weight of loneliness never goes away then please do not hesitate to talk to someone. Mental health is very important. Seek help because it is nothing to be ashamed of.

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