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Podcasts for Moms & Kids


I love listening to podcasts. I discovered them when my kids were toddlers. I would listen to episodes while I was cleaning up/cooking/doing laundry while the kids were napping. These days my 5-year-old twins don’t nap much anymore, but I still find time to listen to a podcast at night or in the pickup line at school.

We recently discovered kids podcasts and really love them! It captivates the kid’s attention, and we usually end up discussing the story or topic afterward. It’s also great for long car rides, or when you are just tired some days and don’t feel like talking (please say I’m not the only one!) I’ve split the list into two categories: Kids and Moms. Hope you enjoy them!


Stories Podcast

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 12.19.02 PMThis is currently my kids favorite podcast. The host does a great job of engaging the listener in the story. She uses different voices, and usually sings in the episode as well. I enjoy listening to the stories with the kids too. They will often request the same story over because they loved it so much.




Brains On! Podcast
brainsonBrains On was a recommendation from a friend, and it’s great! There are tons of episodes to choose from with topics like “How do animals breathe underwater?” and “what makes paint stick?” It’s a fun way to learn something new with the kids!



Tumble Science Podcast


This is another great science podcast for kids. It’s suggested for kids ages 8-12, but I think it would spark interest and conversation for a younger child as well. They update the podcast frequently so there’s alway new episodes to check out.




Story Pirates

story pirates

This is a silly one. Improv actors read stories written by children and then adapt them into a play that they act out. I just love this idea!





The Longest Shortest Time



The host Hillary Frank interviews/discusses/tells the stories of all types of parents and family situations. You’ll find episodes like “How to Parent Like a Clown” where a clown gives advice on how to trick kids out of a tantrum, and others like “The Accidental Gay Parents” where a gay couple is faced with the unexpected decision to adopt a family member’s small children.


Modern Love


Ah, modern love. This is one that you may want to binge listen to like I did when I first found it. It originated as a column in the New York Times and now the stories are read in the podcast by actors. Complete with a follow up from the author years later on how their life is now. Oh its so good!






This is a funny one. If you’ve ever been confused by the slang terms being used by 20-somethings or what the heck Vine is, then this podcast is for you. The hosts interview 20-somethings who are knowledgeable about such things and ask all the questions you may be wondering about today’s youth culture. Entertaining for sure!



Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

magiclessonsMaybe you’ve read the book “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert (like I did) and loved it (like I did) or her other book “Eat, Pray, Love.” This podcast is an extension of her book “Big Magic.” It’s all about discovering and honoring your creativity. Most episodes are conversations with people who wrote to the show and are seeking creative advice.


Nursing + Cursing

nursing and cursingI haven’t listened to this one yet, but fellow SAMB Contributor, Becky, is obsessed and swears it will keep you laughing about parenting, parenting fails, and the hilarity of parenthood.


2 Responses to Podcasts for Moms & Kids

  1. Jessica September 24, 2016 at 7:46 pm #

    There are so many great ones! I am obsessed! I love One bad mother, it sis very funny!
    Lori Harder also has a great one for fitness/personal growth. It is called earn your happy.

    • Madison Hartle
      Madison Hartle October 1, 2016 at 8:21 pm #

      Hi Jessica! I’m obsessed too! I haven’t heard of one bad mother or earn your happy, they both sound like something I would like. I will definitely check them out, thank you for the recommendation! Let the binge listening begin 😉