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10 Must Have Items to Pack for the New Mommy-To-Be

You’re almost there girl! The end is near and you’re counting down the days to your due date. Your go-bag is packed by the front door with everything you think you need. Or is it??? There might be a few things that you didn’t think of because it’s your first. Trust me leaving the hospital and having to head to Target is not fun. So I put together a list of a few must have items that you might not of thought to pack.

Stool Softener

Yep I said it. You’re probably thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s just going to make your life much easier after your baby is born. 

Big Girl Panties

Grab a pack of at least 2 sizes larger and high waisted panties. Two sizes larger because you’ll have an extremely large pad down there and you won’t want anything tight. Grab high-waisted if you have a c-section. You will no want anything rubbing the incision. 

Nipple Cream

For the ladies who are breastfeeding, nipple cream will be your new best friend. Slap that stuff on after every feeding. You can’t put too much on. Mom Tip: when your milk comes in mix the nipple cream with your breast milk. Your breast milk is the best at healing your sore nipples, then let them air dry. I also put the milk on my son’s baby acne and it cleared up by the end of the day. 

Nipple Pads

In the beginning these pads are for protecting your clothes from the nipple cream. But when your milk comes in you’ll need them to absorb the leaking. Don’t do what I did and forget your pads go shopping in Target, then leave a trail of breast milk down the aisle because a baby was crying 2 aisles over. True Story. 


In the hospital you’ll need a pair of slippers to walk around in. I’d recommend buying inexpensive ones so afterwards you can throw them away. Especially if you are a germaphob and don’t won’t hospital germs coming home with you.


Lots and Lots of Pads. Small ones, medium ones and big ones. My last delivery was a C-Section and my recovery was painful. But I was shown a new way to use pads. Put the pad between your incision and panty elastic. This is where your high-waisted panties come in! The pads absorb moisture and any bleeding will be on the pad instead of your clothes. 


During your hospital stay you’ll have many visitors, so pack comfortable clothes but something you’ll feel comfortable being seen in. A few items I would suggest: nursing tops and bras, a sweater if you usually get cold, and comfortable clothes for leaving the hospital. I packed a robe to wear over my pajamas at night when I would leave my room to roam the halls. When you leave the hospital don’t expect to leave in your pre-baby skinny jeans. Remember if you have a natural birth you’ll have on what will feel like a big diaper. If you have a C-Section you won’t want anything to be tight or touch your lower stomach. 

Healthy Snacks

You never know what food you’ll get in a hospital so pack healthy snacks. After dinner the kitchen is closed until morning and your friends aren’t bringing you a snack at 10pm. After the hospital, save yourself from your husband’s cooking and freeze a few healthy meals.


Make a sign to hang on your door to let visitors know that you are nursing, sleeping, or not accepting visitors at this time. It’s nice to have visitors but sometimes you just closed your eyes and there’s a knock on the door. So to avoid the awkward, “Hi, but can you please leave” conversation, put the sign out. 

Baby Items

Some hospitals will allow you to dress the baby in your own baby clothes, some will not. But have that going home outfit ready for lots of pictures of leaving the hospital. Remember to bring the little mittens with you in the hospital so your baby doesn’t scratch their cute little faces. I would also suggest bringing some gas relief drops and diaper creme for your newborn.

It’s a crazy time in your life but I hope some of these suggestions will make it more enjoyable. Good luck!

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