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Spring Cleaning: Where Can We Donate Stuff Locally?

You know that thing, where the winter blues start to fade away, and you look around your house and wonder, why do we have so much stuff?! Has our house always been this much of a disaster?! You realize your drawers are overflowing, the kids’ pajama pants come up to their knees, and you apparently own six blenders. It’s time for a little (or lots of) spring cleaning!


If you’re like me, your spring cleaning efforts become a big ‘ole snowball effect of de-cluttering and overhauling your life. What starts as cleaning out a closet, somehow turns into re-arranging a whole room. I end up with massive piles of outgrown clothing, toys that my boys no longer play with, and miscellaneous junk that has been hiding in the back of my cabinets for months. Sometimes there’s even old and unwanted furniture or small appliances that I’ve moved from house to house for years. I’m often in a shame spiral that leaves me wondering, “Do I need a life coach?! Will they make a TLC show about my hoarding habits?!”

What do I do with all this stuff?

After the high of purging all our belongings starts to wear off, I’m left trying to figure out, “what do I do with all this stuff?” I’ve attempted garage sales and have had moderate success. However, where we live, we’re only allowed to have a sale twice a year as a whole neighborhood. I’ve also made attempts to sell our old stuff on some of the many sale groups on Facebook. While I can usually sell some items online, often it just sounds like a lot of work to agree on a price, set up a time to meet, and get the thing sold. Sometimes, I just want to give my stuff away!


Once I’ve come to the decision that I am completely fine with letting go of my giant piles of randomness, I usually end up struggling to find the right place to donate my stuff. If I’m going to donate my things, I want to make sure that they are either going to someone who really needs them, or to an organization that is going to do great things by selling them. Here is a list of local St. Johns County places that would love to have your discarded belongings and do some amazing things with them!

Betty Griffin Center Thrift Shoppe

Donations of clothes, art, toys, household items, jewelry, furniture, and small appliances in good condition are welcome. Proceeds go to offering protection and services for victims of domestic violence and their families in St. Johns County, through operation of a shelter offering assistance, counseling, and transitional support. Call (904) 495-8216 to arrange the pick up of large items. 

St. Gerard Campus Community Outreach

Donations of food, formula, adult and baby clothing, baby food, and all baby necessities are welcome. Items are used to assist women and babies throughout the community. Call (904) 829-5516 for more information and questions.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Donations of clothing, home goods, bedding, furniture, appliances and more are accepted. Their mission is to help their clients create long-term strategies to escape the burdens of poverty. Call (904) 824-3333 for pick-up information or questions. 

Alpha-Omega Thrift Store

Donations of clothes, toys, furniture, housewares, strollers, car seats, sporting goods, and antiques are accepted. Proceeds go to providing transitional housing for young mothers, children, and senior women. Call (904) 217-3569 or (904) 503-8064 to arrange for pick-up of larger items. 

St. John’s County Homeless Coalition

Donations are used to benefit homeless families in St. Johns County. Items of great need include baby and child supplies, household items, linens, furniture, office supplies, Christmas decorations, cleaning supplies, and toys. Call (904) 824-6623 or (904) 819-0059 for more information.

St. Francis House

Donations accepted include clothing, household items, and non-perishable foods. All donations help provide support for homeless individuals. Call (904) 829-8937 for questions about donations. 

S.A.F.E. Pet Rescue and Resale Store

Donations can be made to S.A.F.E. headquarters to be sold in their resale store. The money then goes to help save adoptable dogs and cats from being euthanized. They accept gently-used clothing, shoes, furniture, purses, artwork, jewelry, appliances, and more. Call (904) 460-0556 to arrange pick-up for larger donations. 

Happy spring cleaning!

I hope you consider donating your unwanted belongings to one of these great organizations or another local group that would love to do great things with your stuff. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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