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Becoming at “DIY Master” at Board & Brush

Thank you to the ladies at Board & Brush for letting the SAMB team create beautiful pieces of artwork! All opinions are my own.

Me time, Mommy time, peace and quiet. No matter what you want to call it, it is essential to our sanity as parents. 

What is so tremendous about raising children in this modern age is that we have so many options and cool ways to unplug. Enjoy wine? There is no doubt a local vineyard or delivery service for you (can you say wine of the month club?) Love yourself some retail therapy? Outlet malls and online shopping have anything and everything you can dream of. I personally like to spend my “me time” making photo books, volunteering and planning vacations that I may or may not take. 

While I have many strengths and magnificent hobbies I like to dabble in, DIY projects are typically off limits. I can whip up a mean batch of muffins or granola from scratch, but that is about it. Art and the creation of decor are my weaknesses. So imagine my surprise when I signed up for a mom group outing to one of those BYOB Art Shops called Board & Brush. I had the time of my life and left with the coolest piece of decor, ever!

Board and Brush

Now I originally signed up because we moved to a new state about a month ago and I was desperate for adult conversation, me time and, well common friends that I could just talk with about life. Upon arrival, I was shocked at how amazing their space is for small and large groups. This was not your typical “paint a canvas with your friends” kind of place. Board & Brush is a full-on creative studio where you can turn pieces of new wood into an original piece with as much character and color as you desire.

Board and Brush

After chatting for a bit with the other moms, I found my place at the table where my wooden window plant box waited. I watched a demonstration on how to distress wood with a hammer and screw, was handed some earplugs and I went to work. Let me just say, that 20 minutes of distressing was the most therapeutic experience ever. You could hear moms taking out their stress with hammers everywhere in the room. 

Board and Brush

Once the wood was distressed to our liking, we sanded, stained and painted our creations. The whole process took about 3 hours. I laughed, I smiled, I almost broke a sweat, but most importantly I created the most inspired project of my life. And, I am still in shock. My favorite part was walking around and looking at what all the other ladies had created. Everyone’s project was so unique but equally impressive. 

Board and Brush

I looked at Board & Brush’s schedule and saw they have tons of classes, opportunities for more me time, and another chance to build up my confidence to create something. They also have mommy and me classes, so I am debating on bringing my eldest daughter there on a  date, to have some quality time and show off how crafty I can be. 

According to their website, Board & Brush Creative Studio’s goal is to turn you into a “DIY master” by encouraging you to understand and appreciate the beauty of raw materials—the wood, the knots, the color variations and the simple imperfections that will make your project unique. Distressing, sanding and staining are a few of the important steps they guide you through to make your personalized wood sign look as though it has been with you for years—like a vintage heirloom. They are a nationwide company and just opened their newest studio at 530 State Road 13 N in Saint Johns, Florida. 

Board and Brush

So if you are a DIY Queen or an amateur like me, treat yourself to a few hours of creative, get away time and check out Board & Brush with friends, old or new, or solo. You won’t regret it. Board and Brush

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