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The Best Frozen Treats in St. Augustine

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

School’s out and it’s time to enjoy the summer. Of course, one of this family’s favorite ways to do that is with frozen treats. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites found here in St. Augustine!

Best Frozen Treats St. Augustine

The Hyppo and Hyppo Cafe – 70 St. George Street, 48 Charlotte Street and 1765 Tree Blvd.

For the freshest in popsicles, look no farther than any of The Hyppo locations in St. Augustine.


Pops are all natural and made on site from fresh fruit and cane sugar, with unique flavors like Cinnamon Horchata, Strawberry Basil and Orange Cream.


My new favorite is the Cold Brew (which, for an extra dollar, can be dipped in chocolate). 

This is a great place to spend a hot summer afternoon with friends!

Mayday – 1835 US Highway 1 South

Named for fighter pilots in WWII, who discovered they could make ice cream in wartime by strapping buckets of cream and sugar to the tops of their gunner pods during transport runs, which would freeze into the treat they craved, Mayday Ice Cream is a scoop of heaven right here in St. Augustine.

Mayday Ice Cream offers 24 flavors from your traditional Triple Vanilla and Straight Strawberry to your more exotic Rose White Chocolate and Lavender Melange. The ice cream is churned fresh with quality ingredients, and even includes some dairy-free options

We opted for a flight of six smaller scoops, so we could try a little bit of everything! Cloud 9 (with cream base, marshmallow fluff and almond extract) and Coffee + Donuts (made with actual Krispy Kreme donuts) were among our favorites!

All ice cream is served with complimentary (homemade!) sprinkles and a fresh-baked galette.

Peace Pie – 8 Aviles Street

Let’s put our hands together for one of St. Augustine’s newest establishments: Peace Pie. This brightly colored shop brings a new twist to the classic ice cream sandwich: homemade ice cream with a layer of pie filling, snuggled between two shortbread cookies.

There are dozens of fun and delicious flavor combinations, assembled and frozen onsite every day. Staff will even cut them in half for sharing, although you may want to keep one all to yourself.


Cousteau’s Waffles & Milkshake Bar – 15 Hypolita Street

While the Belgian Liege waffles are nothing short of divine, don’t overlook Cousteau’s unique, hand-dipped milkshakes.


Courtesy of Cousteau’s Waffles and Milkshake Bar

The Electric Jellyfish with fresh blueberry compote and the Calypso, reminiscent of Key Lime Pie are among the flavors that will keep you cool this summer.

Prohibition Kitchen – 119 St. George Street

While Prohibition Kitchen is known for its craft cocktails, live music, and original menu, don’t overlook the dessert milkshakes.

Available with and without alcohol, these handspun shakes are almost too pretty to drink!

I vote for the Irish Coffee with Whiskey Caramel, complete with bacon and a chunk of homemade brownie.

Kilwin’s – 6 St. George Street and 140 St. George Street 

Kilwin’s is one of our favorites in Old St. Augustine. With two locations on St. George Street, it’s easy for visitors to be overwhelmed with the aroma of freshly baked waffle cones. Kilwin’s offers from a rather huge selection of ice creams, alongside their delicious candy and chocolate apples, and a large assortment of chocolates, caramels, and other confections.

After dinner and a long walk on the main thoroughfare, a salted caramel sundae or cone at Kilwin’s always hits the spot.


Rita’s Ice – 380 A1A Beach Boulevard

Rita’s is 

Christy’s Dream Ice Cream Bar – 41 PGA Blvd Tour, Ponte Vedra Beach

If you’re up for a little trip north over the county line, Christy’s Dream is a must-do. Enjoy creamy, homemade ice cream with creative flavor combinations and names. The menu board proclaims Slim Shady as “M&M of course” and Pooh Bear as “Vanilla with Honey.”


The 21-and-up crowd can also order things like Man Cave (hard root beer float) or Amaretto By Morning (Amaretto liqueur and chocolate chip).

Ice cream is served pretty simply, scoops with a pretzel stick garnish, a lovely blend of sweet and salty.

What’s your favorite frozen treat for summer?



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  1. Jennifer September 30, 2016 at 5:00 pm #

    I would have to add Ben & Jerry’s and Pineapple Dream cart on St George St., St Augustine to this list