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How To Decorate Your Christmas Table Naturally And For Free

Natural free Christmas Tablescape

This year I decorated my Christmas table naturally and for free using what I had on hand and bits and pieces of nature. To preface, my family is getting ready to move in the near future. That means I really didn’t want to spend money on things we didn’t need, and have more things we would have to pack later. Here’s what worked for me…

Use What You Have

The key to spending less on décor is to find ways to reuse what you already have on hand (or in the garage). Maybe that means using a painter’s dropcloth as your tablecloth, or maybe it means rounding up every half-used candle in the home and grouping the together. Sit down and think about what you have, and then go from there. Do you have leftover ornaments and ribbon? Or pretty wine bottles and vases? And if you need a way to unify what you have, think about painting them or using glitter. For me, this meant using every vintage book I had with a green cover, and all the antique candlesticks that I’ve accumulated from goodwill over the years.   

Natural Christmas Tablescape

Think Naturally

Using natural décor can bring your DIY table from cheesy to charming. For my natural table runner I used a few magnolia leaves, holly branches, and reused pinecones from fall. Again, you have to us what you have available to you. If your yard doesn’t give you access to the wintery green plants you want, try stopping by a nursery and asking for scraps. I also added some rosemary from a bouquet I bought from Publix, and a few pieces of cedar that I found super cheap at a thrift store. You never know what you’ll find at thrift stores! Bonus: Cedar and Rosemary add a great winter scent. That’s the beauty of using natural décor, you get the smells and texture of the season, and not just the look   You’ll be surprised at the many decor options nature gives when you really start looking…

Natural Christmas Table Runner

Simple Settings

Natural Christmas Place Setting

Rosemary Wreath Place Setting

It doesn’t take much to make a place setting unique. This rosemary wreath was super easy to make. Just a little floral wire to hold it together and you’re good to go. If you want to hide the green wire, just add a place card like so.

Natural Free Christmas Table Decor

Get Creative

We often stick to horizontal (table) decorating. But decorating light fixtures or hanging something vertically from the ceiling can add a lot of interest to your dining table. And don’t forget to tie in the décor to your walls as well, and help unify the space. Although I wanted natural, I also wanted a little sparkle for Christmas. Adding a metal tone (gold, silver, brass) is a great way to blend rustic and elegant together. I hope this gave you some great ideas on how to decorate naturally, elegantly, and for free!


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