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Rediscovering My Namaste at Yoga Den World Golf Village

Thank you to Yoga Den, for sponsoring this post, and graciously offering our readers a SPECIAL DISCOUNT. You will get 10% off the cost of an 8 class package, you just need to mention the St. Augustine Moms Blog when registering. Remember, your first class is FREE too!

Yoga Den

When life got crazy for me, aside from just being a mother, I had to find a new outlet to get myself back TO myself. I didn’t and still don’t have the luxury of getting to a gym when I want to. Going beyond that, I knew I needed something that was going to fill my soul. I felt like a woman, whose peace and patience was fleeting. My mind, body, and soul were “off” and I needed them back. I thought about what I could do to find all those pieces and the only thing that has ever worked for me is yoga. Yoga and I have a long-standing, on-again-off-again relationship. It’s like that friend you have, no matter how long it’s been since you spoke, it doesn’t matter. I knew I had to go back again. 

Finding My Namaste

When it came to finding my new space to get back in my yoga groove, Yoga Den World Golf Village is so close to home for me, the decision was easy. They have several studios around St. Augustine and Jacksonville, and you are able to go to any of them at any time. Their class times are always online with descriptions, instructors names and even the ability to sign in ahead of time. I love a place that I can get all the information online. When I went into the studio, I was immediately greeted and recognized to be new. This is the beauty of Yoga Den World Golf Village, they start to know who their clients are and it becomes an inviting space because of that. Once I filled out a quick form, I was able to go into my first class FREE

I chose the Mind-Body class because I knew to go easy on myself the first round in. It had been a few years and my tree pose was more weed than it was a tree. When I took a look around the studio I saw clean mats, yoga blocks, bolsters, water, towels, and all the essentials anyone would need to do any type of yoga class. I walked into the class space, and the amount of calm was almost overwhelming. No cell phones allowed, any talking prior to class is to be kept to a minimum and whisper at best, candles and twinkling lights lit the space all with a playlist of music that made my ears happy. I felt ready to begin. 

Getting My Goddess Pose On

The Mind-Body class is focused on stretching, stress relief, and pranayama (yoga breathing). Learning to change your breathing is a focus of yoga. The hardest to get back into was, how to use pranayama to get through any part of my practice. It takes patience and focus. I am woman lacking in those things, I needed to give myself the grace to find it again. We flowed through poses at our own pace. You are NOT trying to be anyone else but, yourself. Personally, a place to focus on me is hard. I am constantly focusing on everyone else. I needed this. The end of any yoga class is called Savasana. It is a time of mediation – the ultimate in conscious surrender. It takes A LOT of focus to calm your mind and body. I can’t tell you how many times my mind would wonder. “Did I pay my cell bill? What should I make for dinner in 3 months? Should I get more highlights?” This is all normal. When you practice, the more you appreciate the conscious surrender.

The Divine In Me, Bows to the Divine In You

Since that first class at Yoga Den World Golf Village, I signed up and paid for a monthly unlimited package. Some weeks I am there less than others but, I remember that yoga is always there for me. I see the benefits in the weeks I am there more. My parenting reflects this as well. I present a calmer, more patient version of myself and yes… My body looks better because of it. At the end of each practice you end with the saying Namaste. (It’s my favorite part) Namaste means ” the divine in me bows/honors to the divine in you.”  A better version to think of it is as, passing on the positivity within you, to someone else and likewise. It shows we are all equal. In a world with so much going on, isn’t that a beautiful thought to walk the rest of your day feeling?

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