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Mox Shoes: The Best Accessory To Pack For Disney World

This post is sponsored by Mox Shoes. I totally fell in love with these comfy shoes and I know you will too! See below for an exclusive discount code!

mox shoes

Motherhood isn’t always a walk in the park, unless you’re a Florida mom with annual passes to Disney. And then you have quite a few long, sometimes hot, possibly sticky, walks in the park. That’s why my feet and I were ever so thankful we had Mox Shoes for our recent trip to visit the Mouse. 

mox shoes

After hearing from a few friends about how comfy Mox Shoes are, I decided to give this Gold Pair a test run on our weekend trip to Disney to celebrate our oldest boy turning 5. I’m all about fashion, but I also know how much walking, running after kids, and standing in lines awaits at this magical place. So you’ll typically find me sporting some type of chucks or tennis shoes. Not always the prettiest, not super versatile, but a mom has to do what a mom has to do. This would typically mean that I’d have to pack multiple shoes: one pair for the park, one for the hotel pool, and one for going to dinner. Mox Shoes simplified my packing list down from 3 pairs of shoes to just one pair! I’m all for minimalist packing. Just a weekend trip will have my car packed to the rim with strollers, pack n plays, and stuffed animals that just have to tag along. So any extra room is appreciated.

I literally hadn’t even had time to try them on before getting dressed the day of our visit #momlife. After a few rides and a couple miles in, I was amazed at how comfortable and supportive these flats were. Flashback to a few years ago and I had bought a special pair of pretty ballet flats from a local chain store and wore them a total of one day. I wanted the cuteness, but not the blisters. Money wasted. These were nothing like that. Did I mention they are made out of 100% man made rubber? If there is a litmus test for comfort and durability for shoes, a day walking around Disney World should be it. They quickly dried after a ride down splash mountain, and when my little guy spilled chocolate ice cream on them, a quick rinse was all they needed to look like new again. Hooray for things that can be easily cleaned! #ihatedrycleaning! 

Mox Shoes

I love how versatile the color and style is too. Disney is not the place for uncomfortable, high-heeled shoes, but it’s nice to have flats that can be easily dressed up or down when needed. A quick change of shirts, a bit of dry shampoo, red lipstick, and I was ready to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant with the family. My chucks definitely wouldn’t have meshed well with this look.

Mox Shoes I also love the fact that Mox Shoes was started and is run by two stay-at-home moms. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger who has just barely dipped her toe into the mom boss life, I have great admiration for moms who have a vision and pursue it while also playing the ever so important role of mommy. Women understand the need for pretty things that work well and meet the various roles of motherhood and day to day life in general. These are shoes I would recommend for my mother, my friend, my grandmother, and even my young niece. These moms found a perfect balance of fashion and functionality, and offer them in an array of pretty colors.

Want tp try a pair of Mox Shoes? 

You can find your own pair HERE and you can use the discount code STA10 for 10 % off your purchase. Another bonus- they offer free shipping (on 3 or more pairs) and free returns. Discount Code valid until 6/30. 

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