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Mom’s Guide to Wedding Attire

It’s wedding season! Time to grab your prettiest dress, favorite clutch and your sexy high heels! Since St. Augustine has become one of the best places in the U.S. to get married, you can’t help but get excited when you see the venue of the wedding on the invitation. Especially when the venue is the new and hottest place in town. So now you have your invitation, the date is set, but what are you going to wear? Mom’s Guide to Wedding Attire will help you be the best dressed (except for the bride) at the wedding.

The number 1 rule for guest at a wedding is NO WHITE! I know it’s so hard this season not to wear white, but you can’t do it! That also means no off white, cream, ivory, blush and no lace in any of those colors. When you are trying on a dress and you say “This is ok, right? Not too much white in the dress, right?” NO! NO! NO! I don’t care if it’s the only dress that fits you or it’s white with color strips on top. The no white rule is also a NO at the dinner rehearsal. It’s the one night you have to go out and wear color.

Let’s start with the list of What NOT to wear to weddings:

  1. White
  2. Black (unless the wedding is semi-formal or formal and after 6pm)
  3. Red
  4.  Super short dress
  5. Super tight dress
  6. Jeans
  7. A formal dress to a casual wedding
  8. Plunging neckline
  9. Same color dress as the bridal party, when you’re not in the bridal party
  10. Anything that will show your underwear (no bra straps, no thongs)


MG to wedding attire


This white dress is gorgeous, but you can’t wear it if you are a guest. This dress would be great for the bride at the dinner rehearsal. Just because you put a couple colored strips on the dress doesn’t make it ok to wear.

MG to wedding attire

Another NOPE

Now that you have your list of what NOT to wear, here are some helpful tips for picking the perfect dress for the occasion. If it’s a beach wedding, go colorful (and yes flip flops are ok). Grab your big straw hat to protect you from the sun and a fan to keep you cool. Here’s my favorite pick for a beach a wedding. The color is a happy turquoise with little birds for the print.

MG to wedding attire

Afternoon weddings, 5pm and earlier, pick a colorful dress with heels. I LOVE this dress, it’s a little more sophisticated but classy for an afternoon wedding.

MG to wedding attire

When the wedding is after 6pm, you can pick a semi-formal dress or if it’s specified on the invitation to wear formal attire. For both of these weddings wearing black is ok, but try not to go head to toe black. Clutches are perfect for weddings you really don’t need to carry much especially if you are without kids for the night. This dress is perfect for semi-formal evening. The color is a grayish blue with the off one shoulder look.


MG to wedding attire

The perfect dress is picked, now for accessories. Hats are great for outdoor weddings and then usually should be removed when it’s time to go inside. Keep the jewelry classy and tasteful, it’s not the time to put on every piece of jewelry you own. “Before you leave the house, remove one piece of jewelry,” said Coco Chanel and it still holds true. Everyone should own a black clutch and a colorful clutch. Sometimes a black clutch is great with a colorful dress and sometimes a black dress needs a colorful clutch. High heels, kitten heels, and wedges, whatever you favorite, wear it, go a little crazy for the night. Don’t wear flats, bring flats to put on when you start to dance.  Start the night with heels, because being a mom means wearing your mom shoes all the time and tonight you wear your sexy heels.

The best piece of advice I can give you to picking the perfect outfit is to be you and pick a dress that you feel amazing in. If you don’t feel amazing then why wear it or spend the money.

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