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Mom’s Guide to Swimsuit Shopping in the Oldest City

St. Augustine locals know there are three shops that you can always count on for a new and trendy suit in the nation’s Oldest City. My favorite local shop that everyone remembers from the Ponce Mall is Nautilus Swim and Resort. The second shop is The Sunshine Shop that has over 5000 bathing suits. Savage Swim is the newest addition to St. Augustine and is quickly becoming a local favorite. What is also great about all three shops is when you shop there you are “Keeping it Local.”

Nautilus Swim Shop

Nautilus Swim Shop

For most of us, our first experience with Nautilus was when it was located in the Ponce Mall for many years. If you were like me, that’s where you got your backpack for school–and if you were really cool, you also picked out your Billabong jacket. Today they have moved to the island and have a very large store with everything you need from a beach day to a cruise. Nautilus offers a large variety of swimsuits from SeaFolly to Maaji . They don’t just stop at swim suits though you can find resort wear, sandals and accessories. Also a large variety of Kaftans that are a major trend alert for your summer wardrobe. When you step in the store you won’t know if you should go straight to swimwear or to beachwear, but the ladies at the store will help you find your perfect look and have you on the beach looking fabulous in no time.

MG swimshop

The Sunshine Shop

The Sunshine Shop is on A1A beachside and has over 5000 bathing suits in the shop. It’s also where I got my first summer job a long, long, time ago. When you walk into the Sunshine Shop you’ll be greeted by a suit specialist that will help you the entire time you are in the store. They will help you pick a new suit, wait for you to try them on, give you their honest opinion and will help you with different sizes or suits. If you’re a mom that likes to be more modest or if you’re pregnant the Sunshine Shop has one of the largest selection of one-piece, maternity and mastectomy suits. They also have a large selection of kids and mens suits from newborn to teen. The Sunshine shop always has hot trendy suits and gets shipments in daily. Grab the entire family, grab a new suit, pick up a flamingo float and head to the beach.

MG swimshop

Savage Swim

Savage Swim is the newest shop in town and last summer everyone had to have a new custom suit made by Savage Swim. I am so glad that they took over an old building where you use to get your oiled changed and made it into this laid back, St. Augustine beach vibe swim shop. The suits are all reversible, most the tops are sporty with a sexiness on the back with a criss-cross design. The bottoms are high waisted or really low in the front or the back, but you can pick how much you want to show or not show. You can stop by the shop look around the showroom that has all their custom suits ready for you to try on. If you can’t find a suit you are looking for in the showroom then, you can custom order your suit, picking out the style and the color right there in the shop. I love the idea of picking your own swimsuit in the style you want, the color you want and then the ladies in the back room sew it together right there just for you. This is the ultimate of “keeping it LOCAL!”

What’s Hot

Swim Suits

So now you know where to shop, but you might ask yourself, “What kind of swimsuit do I want?” or “What’s trendy right now?” The biggest trend this summer for swimsuits is HIGH NECK! It’s going to be everywhere this summer, and I kinda like the look for us small chested people. Not gonna lie the tan lines for this suit will be interesting, but it’s the swimsuit for this summer.

If that’s not your thing, then grab a suit with a strappy back, the more interesting the back, the better. The color for summer is WHITE–I know such a hard color to wear. If white is not for you, go with bright colors or geo-patterns. Most of the suits this year are made reversible which I love because now you can buy one suit and get at least four ways to wear them.

MG swimshop

MG swims hop













I mentioned before the Kaftan is the cover up of the season. I know you are thinking, I can’t wear that–but you can! Just try one on and I promise you’ll love it. What’s great about the Kaftan is it doesn’t have to be floor length, they have short ones and solid colors that offer a softer look. Have you heard of summer sweater? I hadn’t either until this Spring, it’s a light sweater to wear this summer but oh so cute.

As Floridians we LOVE this time of year and most of us have at least one drawer full of swimsuits. I can’t wait to see all you beautiful ladies on the beach in your new bathing suits.


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