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5 Things to Do Other Than Shop on Black Friday


I haven’t participated in Black Friday in my adult life, and I am totally OK with that. Maybe I’ve missed out on a super great deal on a TV or something over the years, but I’m OK with that too. And, if you’re like me, then you will probably choose to do something other than shop on Black Friday. If you are into Black Friday or make a tradition out of it, I am not here to rain on your parade either!

But… maybe you’re tired of stores being open earlier and earlier each year, and their seductive ways of distracting us into thinking we need to buy more to make our holiday merrier. Thankfully, there are some bright spots in this retailer-driven extravaganza. There are still tons of stores who are closed on Thanksgiving (at least) and R.E.I. took it a step further by closing on black Friday as well. They provide a paid day off to their employees and encourage them, and everyone else, to spend the day outdoors. 

Here are some alternatives to spending the day in long lines and parking lots.

Explore Nature

November in FL is the perfect time to try a new trail with the family. live-oakThis would be great to do with family in town, or even if you are out of town yourself. Check out the website All Trails or the Fl Parks Website to find trails near you. I’m looking forward to cooler weather and checking out Washington Oaks Gardens in Palm Coast for the first time!

Create Something

This could be a fun tradition of taking the day to be creative. Paint, make holiday cards, or try a Pinterest project you have been putting off for ages. Candle making is currently at the top of my list! 

Creative Thanksgiving Leftover Contest

Not sure what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers? Get the kids involved with creating some unique recipes using the leftovers. Having a hard time coming up with some ideas? Check out Make: for some yummy ideas! I can only imagine the interesting meals mine would come up with!

Kayak Amelia Island – Kids Free November

Take a day trip to explore beautiful Amelia Island. ka_logo-300x127Best of all, kids ages 7-14 are FREE with the purchase of an adult. Check out our sister site, Jacksonville Moms Blog, for more information!

Family Fitness Day

No better way to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories by involving everyone in a Family Fitness Day. Take a family jog together at a local park. Or, make an obstacle course in your own backyard for the entire family to enjoy. Creative Southern Home puts a unique spin on the game of Uno while also engaging everyone in some exercise. And, What’s that smell? has a creative way to exercise while spelling out each others’ names!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and day after no matter what you choose to do! 

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