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Drowning Is Silent: A Local Mom’s Plea to Help Save Lives

Did you know drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children aged one to four? I didn’t until last month. While on our annual beach vacation with five other families, one of the children slipped away while the adults were cleaning up dinner—not drinking, not sitting around ignoring our children—just doing a […]

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Dear Daughters

Dear Daughters, You are so young, so full of wonderment and innocence. Life is truly just beginning for you. There is so much joy ahead for you both, so much to learn and embrace. Happiness is what I hope your lives are full of. I want so much to believe there will be no hardships, […]

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Are you ready for another baby feature

Are You Ready for Another Baby? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Do you know if you are ready for another child? Life with multiple kids is a series of split-second decisions. As a mother of four, I have become an expert in risk analysis. Take this quiz to help you determine if you are ready to add another beautiful baby to your family. My oldest delightedly [...]
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