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World Elephant Day: It Takes a Herd

August 12th is the day designated as World Elephant Day. It is a day we stop and take note of the beauty and magnitude that is the elephant. We reaffirm our commitments to protecting them and saving them from poachers. But for me, it means much more than that. It is the day I stop […]

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Drowning Is Silent: A Local Mom’s Plea to Help Save Lives

Trigger Warning: The following post describes a traumatic event related to drowning that may be emotionally upsetting for some readers. Reader discretion is advised.Did you know drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children aged one to four? I didn’t until last month. While on our annual beach vacation with five other […]

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Adults Can Learn Bigger Lesson From The Build-A-Bear Fiasco

On Wednesday, a notification popped up in my Facebook feed about a “Pay Your Age” promotion for Bonus Club Members at Build-A-Bear Workshops. Customers who belonged to the complimentary Bonus Club could pay their age (up to 29) for any stuffed animal in the Build-A-Bear inventory.  For those who aren’t familiar, at Build-A-Bear Workshop guests choose […]

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