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COVID19 survival guide

St. Augustine Families’ COVID-19 Survival Guide: Tips, Tricks + Resources

Times are very uncertain right now with increasing awareness about COVID-19 and the impact it is having on our daily lives. Everything is being shut down, schools are being canceled, sporting events are being canceled left and right. It's an extremely unsettling time right now  – especially not knowing what will come next. What we [...]
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feeding students

Feeding Students During the Extended School Break

The encompassing rash of unexpected, extended school closures have many people wondering one thing: will our community’s students still get fed? There are many local students who are dependent on our schools for lunch and breakfast, and we are so thrilled that services will continue in spite of the new restrictions. This information has been […]

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feature_avoiding loneliness

Avoiding Loneliness While Socially Distancing Ourselves

Socially distancing ourselves has been a hot topic lately. We are all encouraged to practice socially distancing ourselves from each other to try and “flatten the curve” of the number of cases of diagnosed coronavirus. When our schools announced that they will be closed following spring break, and all our fun local places to socialize […]

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Online Resources for kids and families

Online Resources for Kids + Families

Social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine are difficult concepts for adults, but even more so when you’re trying to manage of family of children. With schools in Florida closed, activities shut down and advisement against playdates, what are parents to do? While I normally wouldn’t advocate for ALL THE SCREENTIME!!!, technology has allowed for some really […]

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