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Shopping malls

Shopping Malls: The End of an Era?

If you asked me in my teens or 20’s what my favorite pastime was, I’d undoubtedly reply, “going to the mall.” Shopping is my cardio, my therapy, and my number one hobby. In recent years, especially since becoming a mom, I’ve turned to online shopping or one-stop shops like Target more and more out of […]

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Hurricane Emergency Kit

The Top Items EVERY Family Should Have in Their Hurricane Emergency Kit

It’s the time of year when we turn eyes to the Atlantic, watching tropical depressions form and disintegrate on their westward journey to our coast. But, as us, Southeasterners know, these tropical depressions can quickly turn into terrifyingly strong storms. What may have started as an insignificant wind and rain storm can suddenly put everyone […]

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Mothers Are On My Mind

This morning, I drove past the Castillo de San Marcos fort in downtown St. Augustine, and all I could see is the striking resemblance it shares with the San Cristobal fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The hearts of our cities are linked to one another through history. I’ve never even been to Puerto Rico. […]

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April the Giraffe

The Comment Section: April the Giraffe’s Birth Experience Was a Lot Like Ours

On Easter weekend—a holiday rooted in symbolism for the goddess of fertility and birth—the now-famed giraffe named April, from Animal Adventure Park in New York, went into labor. The zoo began livestreaming her stall in February in anticipation of her upcoming labor, and April appropriately waited until the perfect weekend in April to welcome her […]

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