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digital detox

Minimalist Mom: My Digital Detox (Cutting Down on Social Media)

This winter, a Facebook friend posted a screenshot of their battery percentage use, found in the settings of their iPhone. This friend was mortified and concerned at how much of their percentage (and time) was being devoted to Facebook. I can’t remember precisely, but I want to say their percentage was around 15%. This prompted […]

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You’re Not Just A Mom, So Stop Saying You Are

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been in social settings where some iteration of “What do you do?” has come up. And the response I’ve heard to that question from women has upset me. “Oh. I’m just a mom.” Cue all the anger. These are smart women. Educated women. Kind and generous women. To hear […]

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Are you ready for another baby feature

Are You Ready for Another Baby? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Do you know if you are ready for another child? Life with multiple kids is a series of split-second decisions. As a mother of four, I have become an expert in risk analysis. Take this quiz to help you determine if you are ready to add another beautiful baby to your family. My oldest delightedly [...]
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Day dates beach cruising

Explore St. Augustine: Fun Day Date Ideas

Let’s face it, sometimes you can’t find someone to watch your kid(s) on a Saturday night. So, how do you find time to squeeze in some one on one time with your significant other? My husband and I sometimes like day dates instead! This gives us the opportunity to explore St. Augustine, without the hassle […]

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