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Avoiding Loneliness While Socially Distancing Ourselves

Socially distancing ourselves has been a hot topic lately. We are all encouraged to practice socially distancing ourselves from each other to try and “flatten the curve” of the number of cases of diagnosed coronavirus. When our schools announced that they will be closed following spring break, and all our fun local places to socialize […]

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Everyone Thought I Was Okay

Congratulations on your new baby! Labor and delivery were hard, but now you have a lovely new bundle to love. You are so lucky! What a beautiful new mommy. Of course, you’re tired, emotional, and overwhelmed. It’s part of being a new mom. Everyone feels this way. It’s normal. It’s to be expected. Don’t worry. […]

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winter blues

Giving the Winter Blues the Slip

Stealthily, I crept over to the cedar tree down the street and snipped a few trimmings. I wondered if the neighbors noticed. They didn’t strike me as the sort of people to yell at me for taking a few sprigs off a large tree, but you never know. Then I continued my creep through the […]

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Girl, You Need To Read This Book

I should start this off by saying, I am not a big reader. I have never been a huge reader but I do love to listen to a podcast from time to time. I will listen to people talk all day long because it fits into my life better than reading a book. I would […]

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