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dear friend

Dear Friend, I’m Still Here

Eleven unread messages. That little red bubble glares at me, reminding me of all the texts I haven’t responded to, or even looked at for fear of being faced with reality. Messenger calls me out next: five more unread messages sitting, waiting. The guilt I feel increases, and my resolve to catch up crumbles. Instead, […]

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Sex Education and STIs

Ahh good old Sex Ed. Vague memories and incredibly random pieces that stand out from that chapter of life. I recall watching a video in 5th grade about puberty and what to expect as our bodies change. I remember everyone being uncomfortable and making jokes more than any actual content. There was a part when […]

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Real Life New Year's Resolutions

Real Life New Year’s Resolutions

I’m sure you made a few New Year’s resolutions while you were slightly inebriated and tired on New Year’s Eve. If you’re like me, your resolutions are already unsustainable. You know that quote, “If you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll land among the stars”? Yeah, I’m probably not leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. The […]

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The Daily Scroll: Are You Growing Your Brain, or Exercising Your Finger?

“Politics—heard it all before,” I grunted as my thumb got its nightly workout called The Scroll. “Someone cried over a Jeopardy answer—don’t care.” Scroll, scroll, scroll… “Meme, meme, oh look—another meme!” I felt myself falling deeper into Facebook, and deeper into the couch. It was as though the cushions were cradling me, lulling me into a pit […]

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Why You Need a Mom-Cation and 5 Tips for Planning One Now!

Recent studies have shown us what we already know, that a mom-cation is good for the soul.  It’s scientifically proven that when we don’t connect enough outside of romantic relationships and mother-child bonds, our health suffers. Taking a mini-vacation without your kids or partner can help prevent parental burnout at home. This summer I was […]

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FEATURE_Nemours Concussion October

Asking For a Friend: How Do I Get My Teen to Report a Concussion?

Dr. Jason Read is a concussion expert with a sports medicine background.He works in the Nemours Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department.  Here he discusses the relevance of education surrounding concussions in our child and teen athletes and what parents should be doing on – and more importantly OFF THE FIELD! Why don’t teens report concussions? [...]
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