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Poop, Regret, and PPD

Sometimes, an incident can be so traumatic (or important) that it can split our history into two. Kinda like “Before Christ” and “After Christ.” Now it may be a little extreme to say that after today I will refer to things as “PPD.” No ladies that’s not Postpartum Depression I’m talking about (although this may […]

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YES! You CAN Have Fun at Busch Gardens with a Preschooler!

Most people don’t think of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay as an ideal theme park for preschoolers. Only 3 hours away from St. Augustine, Busch Gardens is home to some of Florida’s fastest and tallest rollercoasters. Perfect for thrill-seeking older kids and adults, but not so much my littles. So recently when my husband, who loves […]

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Creating Fall Traditions, One Pie Crust at a Time

“Whatever you are doing to your sister, don’t do it,” I called through the house. The angry shrieks of the over-tired tot could be heard from the kids’ room. An opportunity to aggravate an already flustered little sister is just too tempting to resist for the boy sometimes. Temptations are hearty beginning in October, and […]

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My Top 10 Favorite and {FREE} Apps for Toddlers

Most of us moms today are part of the millennial generation. A few of us might be Generation X’ers. This means that we grew up without smartphones, social media, high-speed internet or apps. When we were born, families spent their evenings sitting in front of the television watching The Cosby Show or Full House. But today, families […]

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Dear Toddler Years, Give Me Back My Kid

Seven years ago I gave birth to my first son. As he grew up I always heard about this crazy urban legend called the Terrible Twos and the Terrifying Threes. Apparently, the legend states that when a toddler turns two they become cranky, extremely unruly and hard to control.  However, a rare few get to […]

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