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The Silence After They Leave

This house is quiet y’all. The second week in after back to school and the silence after the kids leave is deafening. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my kids home with me instead of at school. School is the place where all Riley children belong during the day. My crazy could pop […]

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The ‘Truth’ Behind Heading Off to College in the 21st Century

Recently, I took my two-year-old daughter to visit my college alma mater in Greenville, South Carolina. Together, we walked through the academic buildings and the library and visited the Rose Garden and the lake. Standing by the lake, on the very grounds that I once called home, I was suddenly overwhelmed with visions of the […]

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A Few Nuggets of Wisdom on Parenting Your Preteen

Preteen years … we have all been through it personally, and we now find ourselves parenting our own children as they experience it. Some of the most important and impressionable moments of our own lives occurred in this “in-between” stage of life. Helping our preteen(s) navigate through their own explorations and discovery during this season […]

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