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sassy double standard

Seriously, Stop Calling Girls Sassy

I have to admit I was a bit taken aback the first time I heard my daughter being described as “sassy.” It was as if somehow in just a millisecond I recognized that my toddler was now being subjected or held to some unachievable standard. Perhaps I would be less inclined to hop on the […]

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late walker

Are You Anxious About Your Late Walker?

Anxious about your late walker? I know how you feel. As my daughter approached her first birthday, my husband and I were on walk-watch. My son had walked right around 12 months so we anticipated she would follow suit. Thirteen months passed, then fourteen months, then fifteen months. She wasn’t walking. She was crawling and […]

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FEATURE_The Day my son said I hate you mom

The Day My Son Said “I HATE You, Mom”

It was like any other Thursday, except we had driven to Jacksonville after school for his doctor’s appointment. October had been quite a busy month with appointments, fall festivals, and Halloween excitement, and he really wanted to go to the fall festival that was happening where he attended school from toddlerhood to VPK and was […]

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