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Dear Daughter: Before You Walk Into Kindergarten


Dear sweet child of mine,

You are about to embark on a new adventure. The time has come for you to grab your backpack and lunch box and head out the door to Kindergarten. But, before you do, I want you to know some things.

Please know that I love you very much. Every morning when I help you get ready, I will be doing so out of love. When I am running around like a crazy person in the morning, I am tapping into my super mom powers to try to get everything done because I love you and this family very much.

I want you to know that not everyone that you meet in school will be nice. Some students will say hurtful things. Someone may not include you and hurt your feelings. When this happens, I want you to tell them how they are making you feel and then surround yourself with those that are caring. It won’t feel good to have your feelings hurt but you should remember that feeling so you can be careful not to make someone else feel like that. Kindness is important and you will meet far more people who are kind than people who are mean.

Please know that I am always here for you. If you are having a bad day or a great day, you can talk to me. I have been to Kindergarten and so has your dad. So believe it or not, we may be able to relate to you. Nothing is too small, too big, too awkward, or too scary to talk about. I may look busy, which I probably am, but I am never too busy to talk to you.

Do you know that you are smart? You are. You are well prepared for elementary school. Somethings are going to be easy for you. You are going to find some topics to be interesting and exciting. At the same time, you will also discover that some things will be challenging or difficult for you and that is okay. I am here to help you along the way.

Sweet child, there are many exciting and fun things coming your way in this new chapter of your life. There will be school projects, field trips, sleepovers, and parties! I am happy for you and proud of you. You are growing up and I am growing up as a mother with you. So, with all of that said, it is time for a new adventure. Kindergarten here we come!

Your Mom


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One Response to Dear Daughter: Before You Walk Into Kindergarten

  1. Donna Gotschall August 8, 2018 at 9:14 am #

    Sweet words of wisdom for your daughter. We all want them to find friendship and happy times (and they will) but it is good to prepare them for the sometimes sad realities of kindergarten politics. I think Cinderella said it best, “Have courage and be kind.” Best wishes to her!

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