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The Daily Scroll: Are You Growing Your Brain, or Exercising Your Finger?

“Politics—heard it all before,” I grunted as my thumb got its nightly workout called The Scroll. “Someone cried over a Jeopardy answer—don’t care.” Scroll, scroll, scroll… “Meme, meme, oh look—another meme!” I felt myself falling deeper into Facebook, and deeper into the couch. It was as though the cushions were cradling me, lulling me into a pit […]

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Son Reading

Summer Reading Gone Wrong

“How do lobsters get to the airport?” My son asked from his place crouched down on the floor next to my bed. I had been in that state of peaceful blackness which comes from a deep sleep in the early morning hours until that joke infiltrated the peaceful blackness. I opened my groggy eyes to […]

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home birth

Home Birth Misconceptions and the Shameless Hormones

Candles flickered in a thick cloud of incense. The guttural grunts of a pregnant woman in labor could be heard while she danced around the room in a trance. A wild-haired midwife stood nearby holding a canvas bag of rudimentary medical tools. Caution was thrown to the wind. That’s what home birth looks like … […]

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