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Sex Education and STIs

Ahh good old Sex Ed. Vague memories and incredibly random pieces that stand out from that chapter of life. I recall watching a video in 5th grade about puberty and what to expect as our bodies change. I remember everyone being uncomfortable and making jokes more than any actual content. There was a part when […]

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When Your Cries for Help Fall On Deaf Ears

“If you need help, just ask.” “I’m not a mind reader, if you need something, just tell me what you need.” “Stop nagging me, I’ll get to it when I get to it.” All sound familiar? As moms, we take on so much responsibility — emotional, household, work. Of course, men do as well, but […]

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Life as the Child of an Incarcerated Parent

“Where’s your dad?” This was a question I answered all too frequently as I was growing up. Sometimes I would just say that my parents are divorced, which is true. Sometimes I would just state matter-of-factly that he’s in prison. At this point, friends or teachers would change the subject instead of pursuing their own […]

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It’s All Fun and Games Until Grandma Plays Favorites

Favoritism, whether it comes from a parent over their own kids, or from grandparents favoring a certain set of grandchildren over another, hurts. We may as parents be hyper-aware of playing favorites but what can we do when grandparents don’t play by the same rules? My child is still too young to understand or notice favoritism, but […]

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Feature_ I Was 8 Years Old

I was eight years old.

A wet mouth was covering mine, and large, clumsy fingers were pressing against my underwear through my pajamas. That’s how I woke up on a Saturday morning at my best friend’s house. The light was just beginning to peek through the windows of the room we were sleeping in, and my best friend was across […]

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