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The Blurry Lines of #MeToo

This will be heavy. This might challenge your ideas about #MeToo. This might not fit the mold. It will step outside of the boundaries of what qualifies as abuse, of what rape is. It will make you feel uncomfortable and maybe a little angry. Rightfully so. It makes me angry, too. It forces me to […]

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The Perfect Storm: Managing Depression & Anxiety

What do you get when you combine a high functioning person, depression, and anxiety? In the mental health world, you get The Perfect Storm. It’s been almost ten years since diagnosed with depression, and three since I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety. My constant desire for over-achievement, perfectionism, and busyness mask the constant war going on […]

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Baby in car

The Day I Left My Baby in the Car

Last night I was getting ready to go out to dinner with a friend. I made dinner for the kids and my husband. I kissed them goodbye. I grabbed my purse, cell phone, and keys and got in my car. I listened to the radio on my way to the restaurant. When I parked, I […]

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